Me Collage 3
Top Row: Big Haired Baby ; Glamorous Event Goer ; Sightseeing Nature Loving | Middle Row: Sports Sharks GoTeam ; Fairytales Do Exist ; Music Festival Newbie | Bottom Row: Tattoos Have Meanings ; Family Is Important ; Lazy Sunny Dayz


So i have been wanting to start a blog for a really long time. I have debated with blog names and posting ideas for such a long time now, and trust me, its not as easy as it seems. I had started a smaller one, loved it, hated it and then “forgot” about it.

I’m in a different space now and finding myself needing to restart this and give myself, yes myself, as much as its impossible lol, give myself a kick in the a$$ and get a move on.

So here i am, Small start. Nothing big. More for myself than anyone but at the same time hoping anyone who does happen to stumble along my little blog, not quite sure if i like the term blog, i would use Head Space, as its not going to be like all those other girly blogs out there that show my fashion choices or outfits everyday because realistically i don’t have time to glam up everyday and i certainly don’t have a photographer on call, this Head Space as i’m going to call it from now on, is going to have a jumble of everything and anything that goes on in my head and in my life from day to day as random and as weird as it may be.

But that’s just me!


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Welcome to Popcorn and Pearls…. My name is Melissa. I’m a 30-something year old Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger. I originally come from Durban, living in Cape Town with my 3 furbabies (cats), Peanut (my little panda) and my Twins, Lycan and Luna, for 15 years now and loving this City with all it has to offer. I have a love for everything Beautiful – from Makeup, to Fragrances, Clothing, Shoes and even Food. Popcorn and Pearls is my home away from home, the place i dive into to get away from the busy yet mundane life of the ebb and flow of work and sleep. I love sharing my finds with you all, whether it be a beautiful yet inexpensive dupe makeup item, a piece of jewelry, books or a little undiscovered restaurant. I love sharing my views on makeup, fragrance, body products and more with every one of you. I know you get great products in the USA or UK but i love finding dupe affordable products for all my readers in our very own South Africa When i am not working on my blog then i am a Full Time Travel agent. I also am addicted to TV series as well as reading. Thanks for reading my blog and being such great supporters. Please feel free to contact me anything on:

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