NEW BUYS: Makro {Shopping Haul}



When you think of Makro you wouldn’t be thinking “hmmmm i need  a new pair of shoes”, no you go there to bulk buy on food stuff or pop in there if you hear of a special on Electronics, which, by the way they are ALWAYS having specials. I got a 2TB External hard drive there a while back for… wait for it… R800 only !!!

So i went there on the weekend to get a new external as mine are both full and walked past the shoe section which i always have to do no matter where i am, a girl can NEVER have too many pairs of shoes and i see the cutest black and pink mouse slippers. I had to have them. So now i have both the grey and black ones. 

About a month ago a bought a pair of black ankle boots which you would never think comes from Makro. So now Makro is definately one of my stops when its comes to looking for shoes LOL. I’m not much of a wedge person but when i saw these i had to have them and they are so comfy!

Shoe Whore i am

Slippers 2
Grey and Pink Mouse Slippers
Slippers 1
Black and Pink Mouse Slippers
Black Ankle Boots
Black Ankle Boots
Black Cork Wedges
Floral Peplum Top




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