Colette Hayman Logo 2

 When i heard Colette Hayman was opening up in Canal Walk i had to go and look. And WOW… was i blown away. All there goodies are so beautiful. The handbags, the clutches, the jewelry, the HANDBAGS !!! I wanted to buy it all.

You can shop online at Colette Hayman


Around the store:

Colette Hayman 3

Colette Hayman

Colette Hayman 2




Some of my favourites:

Clutches All
TOP ROW: Deco Envelope | St Ives Foldover | Metallic Knot Courtney | Deco Lace Hardcase       BOTTOM ROW: St Ives Foldover | Abby Glitter | Avery Hardcase | Claire Side Metal
Handbags All
                   TOP ROW: Erica Padlock | Delta | Quilt Stitch | Tillie Zip Front                                              BOTTOM ROW: Anika | Cecilia | Caprice Plate | Ariana Structured




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