NEW IN: Makro + Clicks + Mr Price Home {Shopping Haul}


Shopping Bags



Makro, The place that i always seem to pick up surprise buys. I’ve never been one for Tee’s but lately things have changed. I saw this cute black printed New York tee and had to have it.

New York Tee from Makro
New York Tee – Makro


I had a major shopping spree at Mr Price Home the other day and got quite a few things. I got a mint coloured winter sheet – preparing for the cold, a mint coloured rug for my bedroom. I am loving the colour Mint lately. I I needed a nice warm blanket i can use when sitting on the couch instead of pulling my duvet off my bed and saw this cute pink one, if there was a mint one i would definately bought it lol. I’m all about Vintage lately, so i bought this Vintage Perfume Bottle pillow as well as 2 Vintage Camera Scatter Cushions for my new couch.

photo 2
Vintage Perfume Bottle Pillow – Mr Price Home
Ultrasoft Blanket - Mr Price Home
Ultrasoft Blanket – Mr Price Home
photo 2 (2)
Vintage Scatter Cushion – Mr Price Home


Last but not least i went to trusty Clicks to see if new Essence products had come in. I needed a new bronzer and saw this gorgeous one. Its the Sun Club Bronzing Highlighter 02. Sun Glow for Brunettes. It gives you a sun kissed look, it even has a coconut scent. It can also be used as an eyeshadow! The colours have a smooth texture and blend easily. The bottom corner, the bronzer, has a darker brown and pink shade while the top corner, the highlighter, has a light pink and creams shades. There is a lot of shimmer so you have to use it correctly, use a big blush brush and you it very lightly. I love this product, so it will now be a staple in my make up needs. I also bought these 3 small and cute lipbalms in 3 shades [there are 6]. They are creamy, thick and are moisturizing on my lips. They are have there own scent. Fruits are mixed with sweet desserts to create amazing flavours.

Essence Sun Clun All In One Bronzing Highligher 02. Sun Glow – Clicks
photo 1
Essence Glossy Lipbalms: Cherry Brownie | Mango Ice Cream | Strawberry Cheesecake

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