TV: NEW GIRL – SEASON 3 ENDS {Season Finale}

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Hi Everyone

The Season 3 Finale of New Girl aired last night



Nick and Jess tell the gang that they booked a non-refundable cruise so everyone must now go with them. While Nick and Jess aren’t worried about it being weird, their friends are. Coach is worried for a completely different reason – his fear of boats. Schmidt admits to Winston that he’s still in love with Cece and hopes to win her back on the cruise. Starting with a class ring he got her to celebrate her getting a GED with the help of his tutoring.

Coach tries to prove a point that he can overcome his fear by volunteering to go over safety procedures on the cruise. But Cruise Director Doug’s way of teaching only manages to scare him further. So much so that Doug has to cradle Coach and sing to him to calm him down. Nick accuses Jess of being weird when she says Captain Jan Nortis was flirting with Nick. To try and stop the weirdness, Nick says they just need to do every activity.

But that means using their romantic package, which includes couple’s yoga, a romantic photo shoot, couple’s massage, making towel animals, and wine tasting. While drinking, Nick makes a mistake by trying to kiss Jess that she avoids by turning her head. Winston tells Jess that he paid for the whole group to go fishing together. He’s crushed to find out that Nick and Jess have decided to avoid each other for the rest of the trip.

When Schmidt tries to make a move on Cece, he gets cold feet as she starts talking about her boyfriend. Then they’re interrupted by Winston, who pulls them away. Together they go to the room to have a meeting about fixing the problem with Nick and Jess. Coach listens from the corner where he’s hiding in fear. Cece enlists help from the Captain to call Nick and Jess to their room where they are mobbed by their friends.

There, Cece tells them that they’re not leaving the room until Nick and Jess are friends again. The two admit that they feel weird about living together. After getting everything out in the air, they go to leave only to find out they’re locked in the room. Three days later the cruise director finds them locked in the room where things got a bit crazy.

Once back home, Schmidt offers to get bunk beds in his room so Nick can share with him. Nick agrees, as long as there are rules, in hopes that the living situation will get easier.

*** New Girl has been renewed for a Fourth Season ***


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What did you think of the Season Finale ?




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