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One Tree Hill has to be one of my favouite series. Its 9 seasons long and i enjoyed it from start to finish. This is a look at where the 6 main characters are today and what other tv shows they have or are currently staring in.

Who was your favourite character?


OTH dvds




Sophia Bush All

She played the carefree and wild partying brunette Brooke Davis who comes from a wealthy family. She is often misunderstood but grows into a mature and grounded women. She is best friends with Peyton Sawyer and close friends with Haley James [Scott]. Brooke moves on from Lucas and Nathan Scott and eventually marries Julian Baker, a film producer. They have twin sons, Davis and Jude.

She played Ali Landow in the one season cancelled CBS sitcom Partners. She played the fiance of Joe Goodman, the best friend and business partner to Louis who the show was based around.

She now plays Detective Erin Lindsay, in the Chicago Fire spin off Chicago PD. Detective Lindsay is a former teen druggie turned CI and eventually became a Detective in the Intelligence unit for the Chicago Police Department. She is seen to have a soft spot for troubled teens and girls and will do anything to help them out.



Hilarie Burton All

She played the talented musical artist, Peyton Sawyer, who often expresses her emotions through music and art . She is very guarded when it comes to her heart because of all the people she has lost in her life. She was raised by her adoptive parents and later found her biological mother was still alive. She is best friends with Brooke Davis and close friends with Haley James [Scott]. She eventually marries Lucas Scott and they have a daughter Sawyer.

Hilarie has played numerous small roles since One Tree Hill ended:

She played Sara Ellis in White Collar, an  insurance investigator for Sterling-Bosch. She is very intelligence, sharp and doesn’t trust Neal, but her and Neal eventually have a relationship until she leaves for London.

She played Samantha in Hostages, she is the assistant to Brian Sanders as well as having an affair with him.

She then played Doctor Lauren Boswell, a visiting plastic surgeon at Sloan Grey Memorial hospital. She forges a friendship with Arizona and the two have an affair.



She played the bookworm Haley James. Haley is quiet and generally keeps to herself, apart from her childhood friend Lucas Scott. At 16 years old she falls for Lucas’s half-brother, the jock, Nathan Scott. She later finds out she is pregnant, so her and Nathan elope and get married while in High School. She becomes close with Peyton and Brooke, even making Brooke her son James “Jamie” Godmother. She and Nathan go through many trials and tribulations but get through it all and they have another child, a daughter Lydia.

Bethany has had a small role in Dexter, playing Cassie Jollenston, Dexter’s neighbor and Jamie’s friend. Jamie attempts to set Dexter up with her, but it doesn’t work out and she begins dating Oliver Saxon, who murders her.

A new show is currently in the works called Songbyrd. She plays the main role of Lauren Songbyrd. Its a comedy about a pop-music writer and her staff.



James Lafferty All

 He played the basketball playing jock Nathan Scott, who is handsome and cocky. Nathan is the son of Raven Champion Dan Scott, Nathan  feels pressured by all to live up to his fathers name. He has a half-brother Lucas Scott, who is best friend’s with Haley James. He and Haley grow close when she tutors the academically challenged basketball star. They later find out she is pregnant and they elope and get married while in High School. There relationship is full of ups and downs but they manage to push through all odds. They have a son James “Jamie” and a daughter Lydia.

He now plays the High School teacher, Mr Nash, is the new NBC drama Crisis. Its hinted during the first few episodes that he is having a relationship with one of his students, Amber Finch. He later dies while protecting her.

His new show titled Citizen Soldiers is about a young man who is assigned to cover the veteran 28th Infantry Division on the eve of the Battle of the Bulge. James Lafferty plays Private First Class Matthew Berry.



Chad Michael Murray All

He played the talented basketball player and writer Lucas Scott. He is the son of Dan Scott and Karen Roe, though an affair. Him and his half-brother Nathan Scott have a strained relationship in the beginning but eventually grow close. He is best friends with Haley James. In the start of the show he is constantly torned between Brooke Davis and Peyton Sawyer, with him and Peyton eventually marrying and having a daughter Sawyer.

He plays Jacob Orr is this Action Adventure Series Chosen. Where people are chosen at random to “expire” another person or else they are killed. Jacob Orr is forced to participate in this deadly game when his brother is kidnapped.

His new Tv mini-series is currently is pre-production called Texas Rising which follows the story of how the Texas Rangers were created.



Austin Nichols All

He played the film producer Julian Baker. He is the son of esteemed film producer Paul Norris and where he got his love of movies from. He arrives in Tree Hill to create a film adaption of Lucas’s novel, An Unkindness of Ravens, which was later turned into a tv series called Ravens. He first appears in Season 6 and falls for Brooke Davis, they have a long distance relationship and eventually marry. After being told she could never have children, Brooke later gives birth to twin boys and names them Davis and Jude. 

He had a small role in ABC drama The Mob Doctor, playing Luke Harris.

He played Tommy Wheeler in Ray Donovan.

And mostly recently played Miles Lydon in Marvel Agents of SHIELD. A member of the Rising Tide and Skye’s ex-boyfriend.


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