TV: HAWAII FIVE 0: SEASON 4 {Season Finale}

Hawaii Five 0

Hi Everyone

The Season 4 finale of Hawaii Five 0 aired last night


“O KA PILI ‘ OHANA KA ‘OI [Family Comes First]”

Five-0 hear that Wo Fat has escaped from the supermax prison in Colorado by bombing a hole in the wall to his cell. Furthermore, Doris has visited Wo Fat twice within the month of his escape. Grover learns that his daughter Samantha is kidnapped by the hacker Ian Wright, and is instructed to steal SWAT gear for a gang of mercenaries to steal $100 million of confiscated drug money to be used for Third World development, that Five-0 is transporting.

When the mercenaries surround them, they realise that the DOD agent giving them the money, Novak (Richard Burgi), stole it. After Five-0 and Grover kills the mercenaries, they work to find Novak’s van, only to find the money is gone. Ian casually walks into Five-0 headquarters to tell them he found the money; Novak placed in a compound of a Samoan gang. Grover decides to walk into the compound carrying a bomb and threatening to detonate it if he is not given the money. Novak calls his bluff, though Five-0 use the time to surround the compound and confiscate the money.

When they arrive at Ian’s meeting place, they realize he is running late. Grover receives a call and hears that Samantha has been released, and Ian was murdered, by Wo Fat, before releasing Samantha to relay a message to McGarrett that the two should talk soon. For his actions, Grover is forced to take early retirement from the Honolulu Police Department, but later accepts McGarrett’s offer to join the Five-0 task force.



 *** Hawaii Five-0 has been renewed for Season 5, returning in September 2014 *** 

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What did you think of the Finale?




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