TV: HART OF DIXIE – SEASON 3 {Season Finale}

Hi Everyone

Hart of Dixie Season 3 Finale aired last night

TV - Hart of Dixie Logo



ABOUT   Blue Bell is busy with preparations for two weddings that don’t go on as planned. At Lily Anne and Meatball’s wedding, Zoe decides to tell Wade that she is still in love with him.

At Cricket and Stan’s vow renewal, Zoe is asked to be one of the bridesmaids, but Cricket “comes out” about her true sexual orientation. Meanwhile, George and Lavon meet their TV icon, Don Todd, and end up thinking about their past loves.

Zoe struggles with her feelings for Wade when he decides to move to Atlanta to open a new Rammer Jammer restaurant. Joel shows up in town to visit, and making Zoe even more confused about her feelings for both Joel and Wade.

Annabeth turns down David’s proposal, stating that she still has feelings for someone else – presumably Lavon. After the burning of Fancie’s that led to George leaving the business, a distraught Lemon leaves for a singles cruise, right before both George and Lavon show up at the gate to proclaim their love.

At the end, Wade decides to stay in Blue Bell and Zoe swears to not give up on getting him back.


*** Hart of Dixie has been renewed for a fourth season ***


What did you think of the Season Finale? Who do you think Lemon will pick?




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