Hi All

This weekend was a miserable, cold and wet weekend in Cape Town. I had the weekend off but worked late at work on Friday night, we ordered the Around the World pizza from Debonairs which was very disappointing and then after work i stayed home and chilled with my cat Tigger by the heater lol. On Saturday i went shopping at Mr Price and bought new pajamas, winter socks, slippers, a scarf and a couple other things…. while sipping on my Mango and Melon Bubble Tea, i even got to see the newly released Samsung Curve TV which is AMAZING. In the evening i went out to watch the Springboks play a friendly against the World 15 Team, and of course the Springboks won 🙂 Then on Sunday i went to brunch with my father and sister to News Cafe. 


Collage - Weekend Pics - 07-08June
Top Row: Tigger Sleeping by the Heater | Red Cappuccino | Springboks Rugby            Middle Row: Bubble Tea | I Love Fridays | Winter Socks Mr Price                          Bottom Row: Around The World Pizza | Slippers Mr Price | Samsung Curve TV



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