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With the Football World Cup in full swing i thought i would show and tell the sexy men of football. Hope you all enjoy 🙂 

Who is your favourite hottie?


Aleksandr Kerzhakov

  • Name:  Aleksandr Anatolyevich Kerzhakov
  • Country:  Russia
  • Club:  FC Zenit Saint Petersburg  [Sogaz Russian Football Championship]
  • Past Clubs:  Sevilla, Dynamo Moscow
  • Position:  Striker
  • Number:  11
  • Place of Birth:  Kingisepp, Russian SFSR
  • Age:  31


Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Name:  Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
  • Country:  Portugal
  • Club:   Real Madrid [Spanish La Liga]
  • Past Clubs:  Sporting Clube de Portugal, Manchester United
  • Position:  Forward
  • Number:   7
  • Place of Birth:  Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
  • Age:  29


David Villa

  • Name:   David Villa Sanchez
  • Country:   Spain
  • Club:  New York City  [on loan to Melbourne City]
  • Past Clubs:  Sporting Gijon, Zaragoza, Valencia, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid
  • Position:  Striker
  • Number:  7
  • Place of Birth:  Langreo, Spain
  • Age:  32


Eden Hazard

  • Name:  Eden Hazard
  • Country:  Belgium
  • Club:  Chelsea  [English Premier League]
  • Past Clubs:  Lille
  • Position:  Attacking Midfielder / Winger
  • Number:  10
  • Place of Birth:   La Louvière, Belgium
  • Age:  23


Leonardo Bonucci

  • Name:  Leonardo Bonucci
  • Country:  Italy
  • Club:  Juventus  [Italian Serie A}
  • Past Clubs:  Internazionale, Treviso, Pisa [loan], Bari
  • Position:  Centre Back
  • Number:  19
  • Place of Birth:  Internazionale, Treviso, Pisa [loan], Bari
  • Age:  27


Matthew Leckie

  • Name:  Matthew Leckie
  • Country:  Australia
  • Club:  FC Ingolstadt  [German Bundesliga]
  • Past Clubs:  Adelaide United, Borussia Monchengladbach I + II, FSV Frankfurt
  • Position:  Forward
  • Number:  20
  • Place of Birth:  Melbourne, Australia
  • Age:  23


Olivier Giroud

  • Name:   Olivier Giround
  • Country:  France
  • Club:   Arsenal  [English Premier League]
  • Past Clubs:  Grenoble, Istres [loan], Tours, Montpellier,
  • Position:  Striker
  • Number:  12
  • Place of Birth:  Chambery, France
  • Age:  27



  • Name:  Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Júnior
  • Country:  Brazil
  • Club:  Chelsea  [English Premier League]
  • Past Clubs:  Sao Paulo FC, Sport Club Internacional
  • Position:  Attacking  Midfielder
  • Number:  11
  • Place of Birth:  Santa Bárbara d’Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Age:  22


Robin Van Persie

  • Name:  Robin Van Persie
  • Country:  Netherlands
  • Club:  Manchester United  [English Premier League]
  • Past Clubs:  Feyenoord, Arsenal
  • Position:  Striker
  • Number:  20
  • Place of Birth:  Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Age:  30


Sergio Aguero

  • Name:  Sergio Leonel “Kun” Agüero Del Castillo
  • Country:  Argentina
  • Club:  Manchester City  [English Premier League]
  • Past Clubs:  Club Atletico Independiente, Atletico Madrid
  • Position:  Striker
  • Number:  16
  • Place of Birth:  Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Age:  26

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