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Jon snow leaves the safety of the Great Wall to discuss a truce with Mance Rayder. Stannis Baratheon attacks the camp to come and rescue the men of the Night’s Watch.

Daenerys is visited by a grieving father that shows her the burnt remains of his daughters body. Dragon has killed her. Riddled with guilt she locks up her two remaining dragons in the catacombs.

Brienne and Podrick find Arya and she explains her promise to Arya’s mother that she would protect her. When the hound stops Brienne from taking Arya, they end up in the battle to the death, with the hound slowly dying and Arya making her way to the a near by harbour. She requests to board their ship to Braavos.

Bran and his companions finally make their way to the large Heart Tree and are attacked by skeletons. They are saved by a child of the forest but not before Jojen is killed. The child takes them to the Three-Eyed Raven who tells Bran he will never walk again, but he will fly.

Cersei confronts her father and tells him she does not want to marry Loras Tyrell, her father says she has no choice.She thens admits to the incest between herself and Jamie. She goes to Jamie and admits her love. Jamie is later seen helping Tyrion escape. Instead of escaping he goes and kills his father and escapes on a boat with the help of Varys.


*** Game of Thrones has been renewed for a fifth and sixth season ***


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