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Hi All

I have to tell you all about the new Essence product. Its call Smokey Eye Set which comes in 2 palettes. Smokey night and Smokey Day.

WHAT THEY SAY:  Smoking hot! the smokey eyes set consists of three colors with various effects each and offers a cool smokey eyes look in just a few simple steps. the soft, velvety texture is easy to apply and the small size is ideal for your purse when you’re on the go. includes a double-ended sponge applicator.

WHAT I SAY: Not only is it a budget buy but its great quality as well. It has an intense colour, with long lasting shimmer and its blends beautifully. I would highly recommend this product. Its one of my favourite Essence eye products.

Essence  - Smokey Eye - Smokey Night 6



Consists of 3 colours; Charcoal, Grey and Silver

Essence Smokey Eye -Stitch 1

Essence Smokey Eye -Stitch 2




Consists of 3 colours: Brown, Sand and Nude

Essence Smokey Day -Stitch 1

Essence Smokey Day -Stitch 2





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