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Hi All

I would love to share with you all my favourite guys from some of my favourite tv shows such as Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow, the Suave and Sexy Lawyer Harvey Specter , the Smoldering Vampire Damon Salvatore and everybodys favourite teacher Mr Fitz.


Arrow - Oliver Queen - Face 1

  • Show – Arrow
  • Name –  Stephen Amell
  • Character –  Oliver Queen  
  • Role – Billionaire Playboy by Day… Hooded Green Arrow Vigilante by Night
  • Other Shows – Heartland, The Vampire Diaries, New Girl, The Flash
  • Movies –  The Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice 


Chicago PD - Jay Halstead - Face 1

  • Show –  Chicago PD
  • Name –  Jesse Lee Soffer
  • Character –  Jay Halstead
  • Role –  A cocky and confident Detective who is the partner of Erin Lindsay, who seems to care for Erin in more than a friendly way.
  • Other Shows – As The World Turns, Chicago Fire, The Mob Doctor, Rizzoli & Isles, The Mentalist
  • Movies – The Brady Bunch Movie [Bobby], A Very Brady Sequel, In Time



  • Show –  Suits
  • Name –  Gabriel Macht
  • Character –  Harvey Specter
  • Role –  Suave and Sexy Lawyer who takes no crap from anyone…. he loves to deal it instead, if you cross him
  • Other Shows – Spin City, Sex and the City, Numb3rs
  • Movies – Simply Irresistible, Behind Enemy Lines, The Recruit, Because I Said So, S.W.A.T.: Firefight


Rookie Blue - Luke Callaghan - Face 1

  • Show –  Rookie Blue
  • Name –  Eric Johnson
  • Character – Luke Callaghan
  • Role –  A Homicide Detective who fell for the complicated rookie Andy McNally, who eventually broke his heart
  • Other Shows – Smallville, Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer, Flash Gordon, Supernatural, Alcatraz, Orphan Black
  • Movies – Legends of the Fall, Texas Rangers, Meteor Storm


Pretty Little Liars - Ezra Fitz - Face 1

  • Show –  Pretty Little Liars
  • Name –  Ian Harding
  • Character –  Ezra Fitz
  • Role – The quiet and mysterious teacher who is having an on-again-off-again relationship with his student, to get closer to the story behind the story.
  • Other Shows – n/a
  • Movies – Deadtime Stories 2, Christmas Without You


Vampire Diaries - Damon Salvatore - Face 1

  • Show –  The Vampire Diaries
  • Name –  Ian Somerhalder
  • Character –  Damon Salvatore
  • Role –  The “bad” brother who falls in love with his brothers girlfriend, and the love triangle begins….
  • Other Shows – Lost, Smallville, 
  • Movies – The Rules of Attraction, Wake, The Tournament


White Collar

  • Show –  White Collar
  • Name –  Matt Bomer
  • Character – Neal Caffery
  • Role – The thief who gets caught by the FBI, and makes a deal with them, he does no jail time and in turn, he would help them catch other thieves and criminals
  • Other Shows – Tru Calling, Chuck, Glee, The New Normal
  • Movies – Flightplan, In Time, Magic Mike, Superman: Unbound, Winter’s Tale


Hawaii Five 0 - Steve McGarrett - Face 1

  • Show –  Hawaii Five O
  • Name –  Alex O’ Loughlin
  • Character – Steve McGarrett
  • Role – Hawaiian Cop who has his own task force and tends to cross the line or break the rules to get the bad guys
  • Other Shows – The Shield, Moonlight, Three Rivers
  • Movies – Man-Thing, August Rush, The Back Up Plan


Beauty and the Beast - Vincent Keller - Face 1

  • Show –  Beauty and the Beast
  • Name –  Jay Ryan
  • Character –  Vincent Keller
  • Role –  The Doctor, turned War hero turned experimental subject who has beast like abilities, who is constantly in hiding for fear of the people who created him
  • Other Shows –  Xena, Sea Patrol, Legend of the Seeker, Terra Nova 
  • Movies – n/a


The Originals - Elijah Mikaelson - Face 1

  • Show –  The Originals
  • Name –  Daniel Gillies
  • Character –  Elijah Mikaelson
  • Role –  One of the original vampires who comes to Mystic Falls to search for Elena as she is the doppelganger of Katherine, he falls for Hayley, who has just given birth to his brothers child. He is very loyal and protective and always true to his word.
  • Other Shows – The Glades, True Blood, Saving Hope, The Vampire Diaries
  • Movies – Spider Man 2, Trespassing, Bride and Prejudice, Captivity

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