TV: Devious Maids – Season 2 {Season Finale}


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Nick admits his secret to Marisol and she convinces him to make things right with all those involved. It looks like he killed a young boy in a hot and run… i reckon it was the Powell’s son Barrett. Carmen meets a handsome stranger, who offers to help her with her music career. Zoila is deciding between Pablo and Javier, she receives s0me shocking news. She admits even though Javier was initially a fling, she has fallen for him harder than she realized. This news upsets Genevieve who just revealed it is Pablo who is saving her life by giving her his kidney. Zoila is convinced this is a plan to win her back – and she’s not to thrilled. Valentina is offered an opportunity of a lifetime. Spence and Rosie decide to get married. Another shooting threatens to derail what should be a happy occasion. Spence’s nephew, Ty donning a ski mask and sticking a gun out the window as he passes by the church in his car–as everyone ducks when a shot goes off, and Rosie’s bouquet falls to the ground.


*** Devious Maids has been renewed for a 3rd Season ***


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