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The Season 1 Finale of The Night Shift aired last night

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“Save Me”

With Topher in critical condition, Ragosa has Jordan treat another patient – the shooter, Milo Osborne. Detective Gonzales states Osborne is a key witness in many cases and needed alive. Jordan bluntly retorts that MRI technician Dwayne should be alive as well; Osborne can wait in a queue. As blood is pooling behind Topher’s liver, Scott and TC rush to remove the bullet.

While operating, TC has flashbacks of his brother’s death in Afghanistan. Osborne’s scan shows surgery on his carotid artery is needed. Jordan tells Paul the OR is full. Ragosa tells her she must treat Osborne like everyone else. Jordan decides to temporarily repair the artery herself in the trauma room.

However, it bursts and he dies. Scott tells Jordan that Osborne should have been in the OR. Detective Gonzales is outraged. Ragosa defends Jordan, but tells her she will need a lawyer. Paul suggests a catheter for Topher, who refuses. He urinates, but it is red, and he suddenly cannot breathe. In the ER, Scott finds that he has an epidural hematoma – blood is compressing his spinal cord. If the bleeding isn’t stopped, Topher could become paralyzed.

After returning from a factory explosion to learn about Topher, TC has to be restrained. Scott successfully saves Topher’s life. Later, Jordan talks to TC in the waiting room. All his flashbacks have been revealing a repressed memory. TC had the opportunity to shoot the sniper who killed his brother, but the sniper was just a boy and TC hesitated, causing his brother’s death.

TC breaks down and Jordan holds him, promising to take care of him. Scott walks by to see this. Ragosa tells Landry he’s just found out that his blurry vision is caused by a tumor behind his eye.

*** The Night Shift has been renewed for a 14 Episode Season 2 airing February 2015 ***



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What did you think of the Season Finale ?



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