SYTYCD 2014 {Top 16}

Hi All

 So i finally got round to watching the Top 16 perform and the only perform i really enjoyed was the Travis Wall piece with Bridget and Emilio and the Sonya Tayeh piece with Jacque and Zack.

The 2 group dances were an interesting twist that i enjoyed 🙂

Hope you all enjoy



  • Choreographer:  Mandy Moore
  • Style:  Jazz
  • Music:  Take Me To The River – Annie Lenox

Main Group Dance - Jazz - Mandy Moore - Take Me To The River - Annie Lenox



Valerie Rockey + Ricky Ubeda - Nakul Dev Mahajan - Bollywood - Dilliwaali Girlfriend - Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

  • Dancers:  Valerie Rockey + Ricky Ubeda  
  • Choreographer:  Nakul Dev Mahajan
  • Style:  Bollywood 
  • Music:  “Dilliwaali Girlfriend”—Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani


Tanisha Belnap + Rudy Abreu - Dave Scott - Hip-hop - Good Kisser - Usher

  • Dancers:  Tanisha Belnap + Rudy Abreu  
  • Choreographer:  Dave Scott
  • Style:  Hip-Hop
  • Music:  “Good Kisser”—Usher


Jessica Richens + Marcquet Hill - Dmitry Chaplin - Foxtrot - I Put a Spell on You - Nina Simone

  • Dancers:  Jessica Richens + Marcquet Hill  
  • Choreographer:  Dmitry Chaplin
  • Style:  Foxtrot 
  • Music:  “I Put a Spell on You”—Nina Simone


Jacque LeWarne + Zack Everhart Jr - Sonya Tayeh - Jazz - Back to Black - Beyonce ft Andre 3000

  • Dancers:  Jacque LeWarne + Zack Everhart Jr  
  • Choreographer:  Sonya Tayeh
  • Style:  Jazz 
  • Music:  “Back to Black”—Beyoncé feat. André 3000


Emily James + Teddy Coffey - Oksana Dmytrenko + Jonathan Platero - Salsa - Bruk It Down - Mr Vegas ft Alison Hinds

  • Dancers:  Emily James + Teddy Coffey  
  • Choreographer:  Oksana Dmytrenko + Jonathan Platero
  • Style:  Salsa 
  • Music:  “Bruk It Down” (Soca Remix)—Mr. Vegas feat. Alison Hinds


Carly Blaney + Serge Onik - Mandy Moore - Contemporary - Foolish Games - Jewel

  • Dancers:  Carly Blaney + Serge Onik  
  • Choreographer:  Mandy Moore
  • Style:  Contemporary 
  • Music:  “Foolish Games”—Jewel


Brooklyn Fullmer - Casey Askew - Will WilldaBeast Adams - Hip-hop - Hustle Hard - Ace Hood ft Rick Ross & Lil Wayne

  • Dancers:  Brooklyn Fullmer + Casey Askew   
  • Choreographer:  Will “WilldaBeast” Adams
  • Style:  Hip-Hop
  • Music:  “Hustle Hard Remix”—Ace Hood feat. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne


Bridget Whitman + Emilio Dosal - Travis Wall - Contemporary - The Leaving Song - Chris Garneau

  • Dancers:  Bridget Whitman + Emilio Dosal  
  • Choreographer:  Travis Wall
  • Style:  Contemporary 
  • Music:  “The Leaving Song”—Chris Garneau



Group 1 - Brooklyn Fullmer + Casey Askew + Emilio Dosal + Emily James + Serge Onik + Tanisha Belnap + Valerie Rockey + Zack Everhart Jr - Jazz - So Broken - Bjork - Sonya Tayeh

  • Dancers:  Brooklyn + Casey + Emilio + Emily + Serge Onik + Tanisha + Valerie + Zack
  • Choreographer:  Sonya Tayeh
  • Style:  Contemporary 
  • Music:   “So Broken” (Live)—Björk


Group 2 - Bridget Whitman + Carly Blaney + Jacque LeWarne + Jessica Richens + Marcquet Hill + Ricky Ubeda + Rudy Abreu + Teddy Coffey - Contemporary - Love Runs Out - One Republic - Travis Wall

  • Dancers:  Bridget + Carly + Jacque + Jessica + Marcquet + Ricky + Rudy + Teddy
  • Choreographer:  Travis Wall
  • Style:  Jazz 
  • Music:  “Love Runs Out”—OneRepublic 


ELIMINATION – Marcquet + Brooklyn

Marcquet and Brooklyn - Eliminated

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