10 THINGS… To Do Before You Turn 30 {Thursday Ten}

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10 THINGS… To Do Before You Turn 30

Fall In LoveFall In Love

Every person has to know the feeling of being in love, even if its whether they are 16 years old or 26 years old. I think i have been truly in love only once since i started dating, yes i’ve had puppy dog love but not HEAD over HEELS in love. Falling in love is one of the greatest feelings in the world, yet,  it can be the most heartbreaking experience you ever go through when it ends. But in the end, i believe every relationship isn’t a mistake, [well some lol] but we have to look at it as a learning and growing experience. It moulds us to who we are and what we really want in life.



Shark Cage DivingDo Something Daring

Face your fears even its of the smallest proportions, go Shark Cage diving, Jump Out A Plane… with a parachute of course or go Mountain climbing. What ever it is, make a bucket list with at least one daring or fearful [in your eyes] conquer your fear.



VolunteerVolunteer Work

Donate to a Charity, do Volunteer work with animals, children, the elderly, all that matters if that you are putting a smile on someone else’s face. Start a Charity walk or Bake-Off to raise funds for a Charity close to your heart. Every little bit helps no matter how small or big it is, its the thought that counts. Set your goals and go through with it, you will feel good about yourself knowing you have helped someone in need or less fortunate than yourself.



Dream JobWork Your Dream Job

Most people in the world don’t like their jobs but we have no choice but we have to work to pay the bills. So if you get the opportunity to do a job that you love… DO IT!!!




Travelling is not cheap but as they say “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”. If you get an opportunity to travel, whether is local or overseas, whether its alone, with a friend or for work you wont regret it. Go sighseeing, go for the culture or just to get away from it all. You will look back in 10, 20 years and have wonderful memories and experiences to share.



DateGo On A Date With Someone Who Isn’t Your Type

We all have “Our Type”, yet after dating “our type” for the last five years yet you are still asking yourself, why cant i find Mr Right, maybe its time to get out your comfort bubble and try someone you would never think of dating. Go to places you would normally not go, do activities you would normally steer away from and meet Mr New and Right Now and see what happens. Life and HE might just surprise you.




“Save For A Rainy Day” means different things to different people. To you it might mean keeping money aside incase for emergencies such as your car needing fixing or keeping your money for when your favourite boutique is having a half price special on the heels you have been drooling over for months. What ever is it that will make you happy, its nice knowing you have a piggy bank with money stashed away that you can rely on when the time arises.



BooksRead A Book

These days when you ask if someone has read a certain book, they talk about the movie version or look to their tablet. To me, there is no feeling like holding a real book in your hands. I love to read. Books take you to another world, make you feel like you are another person or even let you see different sides of life. My favourite books have to be crime thrillers and fantasy. Go grab a book, find a comfy place to settle down and open that book and LIVE




TattooGet A Tattoo

Before you even decide to get a tattoo make sure the tattoo parlour or artist is well known and everything is sterile. The last thing you want to get is an infection. Another important thing is don’t rush it. Im glad i waited until i was 25 to get my first tattoo. When i was 16 years old all i wanted to get was a butterfly, star or flower and when i think back now i am so glad i didnt. You should get a tattoo because it has meaning, not because everyone else has it or because it looks pretty. So put a lot of thinking into the tattoo you want to get and if you look at your tattoo in 50 years time are you still going to love it… or regret it.



Classic Movie ActressesClassic Movie Actors

Watch a Classic Movie

Watching a Classic Black and White movie can transport you to another era. Some of  my favourite movies are the Gene Kelly movies Mary Poppins and  Singin In The Rain, the beautiful Marilyn Monroe’s Some Like It Hot and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Humphrey Bogart’s Casablanca, Gone With The Wind with Clark Gable, and you definately cant leave out Marlon Brando’s The Godfather and  the amazing Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s, My Fair Lady, Funny Face and Roman Holiday.

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