Rookie Blue

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The Season 5 Finale of Rookie Blue aired last night



In “Fragments,” it was discovered that Theodore “Ted” McDonald is responsible for a series of bombings. Marlo Cruz is an intelligence analyst who has been brought in to catch him. She assures Andy she had no intention of ever heading back to 15 Division. She’s there to get the job done. That’s all. Sam assures Andy that Marlo’s reemergence is not going to kill their honeymoon phase. Time will tell.

Traci interviews Duncan about his actions after receiving a tip on Ted McDonald. The commissioner cuts the proceedings short. He wants protection for his family. During Nick’s surveillance with Gail, he accidentally knocks down a female bike rider. The woman happens to be the person who paid for his toothbrushes at the convenience store a few weeks ago in “Moving Day.” Nick tries to get her phone number, but the somewhat perturbed bike rider peddles away without revealing her digits.

Chloe is upset because the world is a lousy place, the commissioner’s gala has been canceled and Dov broke up with her. In other news, Chris is back from rehab. His cover story is that he was on an extended vacation at a very “dry” place. He does research on McDonald’s past. He believes the suspect felt the trial about the bombing that killed his son was fixed. He may be targeting the judge, Constance Sullivan, in the case. The woman is getting married at this very moment.

Oliver ignores Jarvis to hit the streets with Andy. Cops swarm the church. The bomb squad finds an explosive device in the judge’s personal car. A tragedy is averted. Back at the precinct, Marlo uses computer facial recognition to track down McDonald. Andy and Oliver find the unstable man in front of his son’s gravesite. He’s placed under arrest and brought into the station.

McDonald tells Sam about the day his son died. He’s angry because the people who did it got away with murder. McDonald claims that even though they found the bomb in the judge’s car, there are a few other things that are still going to rollout. He wants the case against the Irish reopened. Sam is doing his best to gain McDonald’s trust. All of his efforts are obliterated when the commissioner interferes by using brute force. McDonald shuts down.

Andy deduces that McDonald isn’t targeting the people he holds responsible. He’s targeting their kids. That’s why he lured Duncan, the commissioner’s stepson, to his hideout. Sam wants to know what other children he’s targeting. It’s the son of a city official who clears the way for the mob to runs their “legitimate” businesses. McDonald reveals that the bomb is in the kid’s backpack. The race is on to find him. Oliver and Chloe find the boy with his friends. Everyone is safe.

Ted McDonald claims that judge in the bombing trial was paid off. So were members of the city council. There are also some suspects within the police department. Sam asks the commissioner about all this. He’s going to check all of McDonald’s seized hard drives. Marlo suggests Andy be the one to retrieve them. So she does. Andy finds the hard drives in the evidence room. She drops something onto the floor. She bends over to pick it up when… BOOM! An explosion rocks the station with Andy directly in the line of fire.

A cloud of smoke fills the precinct corridor. Officers rush to aid the wounded. Sam desperately searches for Andy amidst the chaos. He finds her in the back of the evidence room. She’s alive, but is having trouble hearing anything. She can see though. It’s clear that Sam is crying. He thought she was dead. Once Sam is sure Andy is okay, he rushes in to find McDonald dead in the interrogation room. His wrists have been slit and a blade is found by his lifeless fingertips.

Nick tracks down the bike woman at her favorite espresso shop. He can’t get her out of his head. Her name is Juliette, and she feels the same way, but makes a hasty exit when she hears he’s a cop. Gail is back together with Holly. She spills her plan to adopt a little girl. Holly has news, too. She just accepted a job in San Francisco. She leaves in two weeks. Traci is still on the outs with Steve, but has a new suitor in the form of a bomb squad tech. Finally, Dov finds a picture of an ultrasound. He wonders if Marlo is pregnant.

*** Rookie Blue has been renewed for a 6th [5B] Season Returning 2015 ***


What did you think of the season finale?



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