SYTYCD 2014 {Top 10}

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Well the Top 10 has been chosen as well as the All Star’s who will be partnering with them. I am so happy that Amy and Twitch is back. Their first dance with the all stars will be in their own genre of dance.

Hope you all enjoy



BRANDON [drew Bridget]                                 RYAN [drew Tanisha]SYTYCD - All Stars - Brandon Bryant - Bridget            SYTYCD - All Stars - Ryan Di Lello - Tanisha

JASMINE [drew Emilio]                                       ADE [drew Valerie]SYTYCD - All Stars -  Jasmine Harper - Emilio                  SYTYCD - All Stars - Ade Obayomi - Valerie

JENNA [drew Rudy]                                            CHEON [drew Jacque]SYTYCD - All Stars - Jenna Johnson - Rudy                    SYTYCD - All Stars - Chehon Wespi-Tschopp - Jacque

LAUREN [drew Ricky]                                   KATHRYN [drew Casey]SYTYCD - All Stars - Lauren Froderman - Ricky                    SYTYCD - All Stars - Kathryn McCormick - Casey

TWITCH [drew Jessica]                                       AMY [drew Zack]SYTYCD - All Stars - Stephen Twitch Boss - Jessica              SYTYCD - All Stars - Amy Yakima - Zack



  • Choreographer:  Jamal Sims
  • Style:  Hip-Hop
  • Music:  “Bang Bang”— Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj

SYTYCD - Top 10


TOP 10 DANCE: With All Stars

Bridget + Brandon

  • Dancers:  Bridget  + Brandon [all star]
  • Choreographer:  Nakul Dev Mahajan
  • Style:  Bollywood/Disco
  • Music:  “Disco Khisko (Remix)” from Dil Bole Hadippa



  • Dancers:  Tanisha + Ryan [all star]
  • Choreographer:  Miriam Larici + Leonardo Barrionuevo
  • Style:  Argentine Tango
  • Music:  “The Gaucho’s Pain”—Tango Jointz


Emilio + Jasmine

  • Dancers:  Emilio + Jasmine [all star]
  • Choreographer:  Tabitha D’umo + Napoleon D’umo
  • Style:  Hip-hop
  • Music:  “Get Low”—Dillon Francis


Valerie & Ade

  • Dancers:  Valerie + Ade  [all star]
  • Choreographer:  Tyce Diorio
  • Style:  Jazz
  • Music:  “Hearts a Mess”—Gotye


Rudy + Jenna

  • Dancers:  Rudy + Jenna  [all star]
  • Choreographer:  Louis Van Amstel
  • Style:  Cha-Cha
  • Music:   “Maps”—Maroon 5


Jacque + Chehon

  • Dancers:  Jacque + Cheon [all star]
  • Choreographer:  Travis Wall
  • Style:  Contemporary/Ballet
  • Music:  “Adagio for TRON”—Daft Punk


Ricky + Lauren

  • Dancers:  Ricky + Lauren
  • Choreographer:  Mandy Moore
  • Style:  Rockabilly Jazz
  • Music:  “Bassa Nova Baby” (Viva Remix) —Elvis Presley


Casey + Katyhryn

  • Dancers:  Casey + Kathryn
  • Choreographer:  Spencer Liff
  • Style:  Broadway
  • Music:  “Maybe This Time”—Liza Minnelli


Jessica + Twitch

  • Dancers:  Jessica + Stephen “tWitch”
  • Choreographer:  Tabitha D’umo + Napoleon D’umo
  • Style:  Hip-hop
  • Music:  “U Got Me Up (Underground Goodie Mix ’93)” —Cajmere ft. Dajae


Zack + Amy

  • Dancers:  Zack Everhart, Jr. + Amy Yakima
  • Choreographer:  Sonya Tayeh
  • Style:  Contemporary
  • Music:  “Europe, After The Rain”—Max Richter


ELIMINATION :   Emilio & Bridget

Emilio + Bridget


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