☀ RUBYBOX ☀ August 2014

Hi All

This month is the first time i have received a rubybox after much debate with myself. Its not too bad. I love the Stila lipglaze. think its definately going to be one of my makeup staples.


LIP GLAZE in Mango

  • Brand:   Stila
  • What’s this?   A tinted lipgloss
  • What does it do?    Coat your lips in colour and mirror-like shine with this sumptuous polish
  • How does it feel?   A high-sheen lacquer, this gloss leaves lips pouting and polished, but not sticky or uncomfortable
  • Why we  ♥ it   The only gloss you’ll need to get that sought-after sheen, this delicious lip glaze is lip-smackingly delicious



Body Butter

  • Brand:   Africology – body butter 25ml –
  • What’s This?   A luxurious, hydrating, fragrant body butter.
  • What does it do?    It softens and protects skin, while soothing and repairing inflammation.
  • How does it feel?   A rich and creamy butter formula packed with Shea and Cocoa Butter that really penetrates the skin.
  • Why We  ♥ It   It smells absolutely divine ? you?ll feel like you?ve had a spa treatment after using this pot of buttery goodness.



Lanolin Egg White Facial Care Soap

  • Brand:   Victoria
  • What’s This?    A facial cleansing creamy soap bar.
  • What Does It Do?    Enriched with firming egg white, soothing rose water and nourishing lanolin, this creamy cleansing mask  deeply cleanses and conditions the skin for a silky soft, radiant complexion.
  • How do i use it?     Wet the soap bar and in your palms, form a creamy lather. Apply to your face and massage in circular motions before rising.
  • Why we ♥ it    I didn’t like it much, it made my skin feel very tight and dry.



Bye Bye Makeup Sponge

  • Brand:   Rubybox Beauty
  • What’s this?   Makeup removing and cleansing sponges made in France.
  • What does it do?  These little gems help you remove your makeup as well as impurities quickly and effectively.
  • How do i use it?  Just add a dollop of cleanser and gently move across your face in circular motions.
  • Why we ♥ it   It’s incredibly soft, making it safe to use around the delicate eye area, and on sensitive skins too.



Hope you all enjoy



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