TV: Suits – Season 4 {Mid Season Finale}


Hi Everyone

The Mid Season Finale of Suits season 4 aired last night



Louis cannot get a job with another major NYC firm because his partnership agreement prevents him from taking any of his Pearson Specter clients with him. Mike’s new task is to help the firm keep the business of drug company Versalife, which it must drop for anti-trust reasons. Harvey gets Louis a job with Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, which he rejects, and then one in Boston, which he rejects after Sheila shuns his proffered love.
Mike goes to Robert Zane and urges him to hire Louis; he agrees only on the condition that Louis somehow bring along one Pearson Specter client. Louis learns about Versalife from Katrina and gets their account, which is legal because they are Harvey’s client and only Louis’ own clients have been officially notified of his leaving the firm.
Mike then gets Walter Gillis to buy a portion of Versalife, eliminating the anti-trust problem, and in turn giving Gillis a chance to develop a promising anti-addiction drug. Harvey tells Zane that he will “owe him one” if he hires Louis anyway. Jessica, who had originally blamed Mike for the Versalife leak, now deduces that Katrina leaked the information and fires her. Katrina is fine with the news, knowing that Louis will hire her when he begins working for Zane, until Jessica tells her the news that Pearson Specter won back Versalife.
Mike brings the contents of Louis’ office to his apartment, including a mysterious key that Mike asks to know more about, but Louis rebuffs Mike’s offer of support. Louis then realizes that Mike would have recognized the key were he really a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School. He confronts Jessica, getting her to admit she is a liar and a hypocrite, then threatens to expose Mike’s secret unless he is made a named partner of “Pearson Specter Litt”.

 *** Suits returns January 2015 ***


What did you think of the Mid Season Finale?



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