TV: Pretty Little Liars – Season 5 {Mid Season Finale}

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Hi Everyone

The Season 5 – Mid Season Finale of Pretty Little Liars aired last night




The girls gets a text on Thanksgiving Day from ‘A’ blaming them for an incident. 36 hours before, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria ask Mona for help pertaining to the information that Alison confessed at the police station. Their new theory is that Alison is ‘A’. With the help of Lucas, Mona hacks into the Rosewood P.D. servers and downloads a video of Ali taking a lie detector test. The girls discover that Alison did not reveal much, but pointed the suspicion towards Spencer about Bethany Young’s murder. Holbrook’s theory is that Spencer was so desperate that to make Alison keep her amphetamine abuse a secret, she had to kill Bethany Young.

Spencer and Mona implement a plan to get answers as they go undercover at Radley Sanitarium while Hanna and Caleb act as spies monitoring every surveillance to help the girls. Spencer and Mona uncover tapes of Bethany Young and learn that Jessica Dilaurentis and Bethany’s father had an affair and that Alison knew about it. As they leave Radley, Toby gets into a car accident, but only breaks his leg.

Next morning Spencer is arrested for Bethany Young’s murder and is taken into custody. Mona looks through the Radley files and discovers that Alison knew about the affair and lured Bethany to Rosewood. Mona calls Aria and tells her the information, and that Alison must be ‘A’. However, before the girls arrive to Mona’s house, a hooded figure attacks and kill Mona. When the girls arrive, they notice signs of a struggle, with blood on the walls.

Officer Holbrook tells the press that they have ruled it a homicide, but they haven’t found Mona’s body. The girls and Mona’s mom are devastated by the news. It’s then revealed that ‘A’ has Mona’s body in the trunk of a car.




What did you think of the Mid Season Finale ?



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