ESSENCE: Blush Up {Beauty Review}

Hi All

I love Essence products and when i saw they bought out the 2 Ombre Blushes

Have you tried them yet?


Essence - Blush Up - Both 2

WHAT THEY SAY:  Colour-flow… the latest hair and fashion trend is finally reaching make-up, too! essence is bringing a cool and unique blush with a color gradient to the beauty stores. the silky, semi-translucent texture with subtle coverage gives your cheeks a gorgeous, fresh look.

Essence - Blush Up - Heat Wave Essence - Blush Up - Heat Wave 3


Essence - Blush Up - Pinky FlowEssence - Blush Up - Pinky Flow 3

WHAT I SAY:  Since buying the HEAT WAVE in Essence Blush Up Powder Blush i don’t even look at another Blush. I have been looking everywhere for the 2nd one PINKY FLOW and finally found one the other day.  I absolutely love them, with their colour gradient that gives a silky gorgeous fresh look. A real winner for me. The colour is amazing, and you only need a little on the brush and gives you a fresh look

Essence - Blush Up - Both 1

WHERE AND HOW MUCH:   Clicks & Dischem – R68.00

RATING:  4/5



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