TV: RETURNING SHOWS {September 2014}

TV - Sep - Rtn Shows

Hi All,

Some of my favourite tv shows are back in September…. i am mostly looking forward to CASTLE to see if he’s really dead [i highly doubt it] !!!! New Girl also starts, as well as Season 5 of Downton Abbey, The Blacklist season 2, Chicago Fire season 3 [OMG who is dead afer the explosion ????], Chicago PD [one of my favs], Greys Anatomy, Revenge, Hawaii Five 0 and SCANDAL, the BEST EVER !!!!!

New Girl

  • Returning Date:  16 September
  • Season:   4
  • Network:  FOX
  • Last Season:  The gang goes on a cruise that Jess and Nick booked when they were still dating. During the trip, Coach deals with his fear of boats; Schmidt tries to get Cece back; and Winston attempts to reconcile Jess and Nick’s friendship
  • New Season – Episode 1 – “The Last Wedding” –  The gang attends yet another wedding that they have been to this summer. While there, Jess competes with Kat, an overachieving scientist for the affection of Ted, the best man at the wedding. Schmidt tries to convince Nick to take part in a sexual foursome with two other women. Coach has a hard time trying to hook up with women at the wedding. Cece reveals that her and Buster have broken up.


Downton Abbey

  • Returning Date:  21 September
  • Season:   5
  • Network:   ITV [UK] /  PBS [USA]
  • IMDB Rating:   8.8
  • Last Season:   Edith plans to give her baby to a tenant farmer. The Dowager Countess grills them and learns the truth. Tom sees Rose and Jack in a tea-shop in the village. Alfred offers to marry Ivy, but starts to appreciate Daisy’s loyalty when Ivy refuses him. Miss Baxter befriends the lugubrious Molesley. Lord Gillingham, who has broken off his engagement – but not yet told his fiancée – visits briefly, still pursuing and flirting with Mary.
  • New Season – Episode 1 –  Lady Edith still has not heard from Gregson. Tom Branson has become closer to school-teacher Sarah Bunting Lord Merton pursues Isobel. There is a large party for the Earl and Countess’s 34th wedding anniversary, at which Miss Bunting causes dissent with her anti-war views. Lord Gillingham wants Lady Mary to become his lover, and she agrees, as long as it’s kept secret. Edith accidentally causes a fire in her bedroom, and is rescued by Thomas. The Earl checks the bedrooms, discovering Jimmy in bed with Lady Anstruther, who leaves in a hurry the next day


THE BLACKLIST -- Pictured: "The Blacklist" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBC)

  • Returning Date:  22 September
  • Season:   2
  • Network:  NBC
  • IMDB Rating:   8.2
  • Last Season:   With the crashing of the mysterious prisoner transport plane, the city is on lock down as the authorities are on the hunt for all the escapees. Meanwhile, with Red in custody, Liz uses her power to get him out since he is their best chance at finding all the suspects. Elsewhere, their main objective is to track down Berlin, a prisoner on the plane who is somehow involved.
  • New Season – Episode 1 – “Lord Baltimore (No. 104)”  –  Red continues to battle Berlin and faces a new threat from a man named Lord Baltimore. An important person comes back from the past into Red’s world. Meanwhile, Liz tries to move forward with her life after her showdown with Tom.


Chicago Fire Main

  • Returning Date:  23 September
  • Season:   3
  • Network:   NBC
  • IMDB Rating:   7.7
  • Last Season:   A victim found at a boarding school has Severide questioning if he could have done more. Dawson retakes her fireman’s exam, in which she succeeds.Mills still questions his father’s mysterious death. Boden has a surprise marriage at the firehouse. Casey proposes marriage to Dawson, but before she can say anything they get another call of a mysterious building fire. The building where the fire is taking place suddenly explodes while everyone (except for Boden) is inside, leaving the lives of everyone inside of the building hanging in the balance.
  • New Season – Episode 1 – “Always”  –  Everyone at Firehouse 51 survives the explosion except Shay and Mills with a broken leg. Fast Forwards six weeks later where we find many in the Firehouse have taken her death hard. Severide, having been on leave after the incident is now AWOL. Casey continues to butt heads with Lieutenant Welch at Truck 66. Hermann wishes to expand the Molly’s brand, and Mills is given information about his fathers family.


Chicago PD 1

  • Returning Date:  24 September
  • Season:   Two
  • Network:   NBC
  • Last Season:  Atwater is settling into his new gig on intelligence as Antonio is relegated to desk duty while recovering. Lindsay finally realizes she has no way out and confides in Voight for help. Meanwhile Jin is confronted about his secret meetings with Stillwell. It all comes to a head in the season finale when Jin is found murdered
  • New Season – Episode 1 – “Call It Macaroni”  –  Voight tries to find out who is behind the murder of Jin, and come up with the unbelievable discovery and learned that Sergeant Edwin Stillwell playing a double game with the intention of getting out on the surface of the big fish along with Voight. In the meantime, all members of the intelligence departments receive death threats from an unknown group called “Shadow”. At several places in Chicago in a fire, explosion, and robbery, for which “Shadow” take responsibility, bringing the city into chaos.


Greys Anatomy 2

  • Returning Date:   25 September
  • Season:   11
  • Network:  ABC
  • IMDB Rating:    7.7
  • Last Season:   The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital bid an emotional farewell to the beloved Cristina Yang. A possible act of terrorism rocks Seattle as an explosion in a shopping mall results in a mass casualty situation and causes chaos at the hospital. Meanwhile, Meredith makes a life changing decision and one doctor receives shocking news. Webber connects with Dr. Pierce, the new head of cardio, and finds out that her birth mother was Ellis Grey.
  • New Season – Episode 1 –  “I Must Have Lost it on the Wind”  –  With Cristina gone, a new doctor, Maggie Pierce, making the rounds and Derek wanting to move to Washington DC, Meredith struggles to regain a sense of normalcy both at home and in the hospital. Meanwhile, Callie and Arizona come to a decision about surrogacy, Amelia overhears a big secret, Bailey realizes she will have to fight Alex for Cristina’s board seat and a freak accident causes two teenagers to be caught in a very compromising position.


Scandal 1

  • Returning Date:   25 September
  • Season:   4
  • Network:   ABC
  • IMDB Rating:    8.0
  • Last Season:   Election Day has arrived and nothing is off limits as the candidates try to capture votes. Meanwhile, Olivia tries to understand Maya’s motives and Charlie makes a very surprising move. With 14 minutes left until the bomb goes off, Fitz has yet to arrive to the church and Cyrus finds himself in a tricky situation. Olivia tells Fitz about Mellie’s rape, and he decides to stay with his wife rather than to be with Olivia for the moment. As Fitz gives a speech at a rally, his son Jerry suffers a seizure and later dies. Jake sends David Rosen copies of all the classified B613 files in order for him to bring down the “bad guys” while going on a plane with Olivia.
  • New Season – Episode 1 –  “Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia”  –  Nearly two months after Olivia and Jake boarded a private jet to stand in the sun together, everything has changed. With another four years in the White House, Fitz and Cyrus are doing everything they can to make a positive impact on the nation. Meanwhile, Mellie struggles to cope with the loss of her son and the gladiators feel the impact of Olivia’s absence.


Hawaii Five 0

  • Returning Date:   26 September
  • Season:   5
  • Network:   CBS
  • IMDB Rating:   7.4
  • Last Season:    When Grover’s daughter Samantha is kidnapped by an old nemesis Cyber-criminal Ian Wright, Grover is forced to help steal $100 million in order to get her back. Meanwhile, Wo Fat escapes from maximum security in Colorado by bombing a hole in the wall to his cell and heads back to Oahu.
  • New Season – Episode 1 –  “A’ohe Kahi e Pe’e Ai”  –  The island of O’ahu goes on lockdown when Five-0 hunts a terrorist who starts using weaponized drones on civilians. Meanwhile, McGarrett and Danno must go for a mandated review with a psychologist, resulting in a session which looks a lot like couples therapy. Kono has concerns when Adam asks her to marry him, and Chin Ho is questioned about a recent bribe from a previous takedown. Elsewhere, Danny’s con brother is captured and has to pay back whatever he took from his captors.


Revenge Logo

  • Returning Date:  28 September
  • Season:   4
  • Network:   ABC
  • IMDB Rating:    8.1
  • Last Season:   Emily and Victoria are dead set on destroying each other. Victoria finds evidence proving Emily is not who she says she is and Emily is forced to protect those closest to her. Daniel is framed for the death of a young girl by Margaux’s brother. Charlotte recognizes that Jack was involved in her kidnapping and has the authorities arrest him. Conrad is denied bail and returned to jail, but is released due to a mysterious benefactor. His escape ride turns out to be none other than David Clarke, who promptly confronts a stunned Conrad and stabs him. Aiden is killed when he is unwittingly lured into a trap set by Victoria. Emily retaliates and has Victoria committed to a mental health facility.
  • New Season – Episode 1 –  “Renaissance”  –  Emily, now living in Grayson Manor, decides to host the annual Memorial Day party, claiming her plans for revenge are over. However, Nolan isn’t so sure she is ready to move on. Margaux confronts Daniel about why he left their partnership and it is revealed that he was set-up by Gideon. Jack has started a new career as a Policeman, after the charges against him for Charlotte’s kidnapping were dropped. But Charlotte still hasn’t forgiven him. After Victoria finds a way out of the Mental Institution Emily falsely had her admitted to she vows her own revenge at Grayson Manor, before being grabbed by David Clarke who has made a shocking return to the Hamptons.


Castle Logo 2

  • Returning Date:  29 September
  • Season:   7
  • Network:  ABC
  • IMDB Rating:
  • Last Season:  With Bracken in custody and a light caseload, Castle and Beckett turn their attention toward finally getting married. However, complications ensue when they discover Beckett has been legally married to another man the last fifteen years. After finally working everything out, tragedy seems to strike when Castle’s car is run off the road by an unknown assailant, leaving him apparently trapped in a fiery wreck.
  • New Season – Episode 1 – “Driven” – Beckett searches for answers in the aftermath of Castle’s accident and discovers that he has been abducted, although evidence points to him as the man behind his abduction and disappearance. When he is found abandoned at sea two months later, he is unable to recall those past two months. Reunited with Beckett, the pair begin to investigate his whereabouts together


Hope you all enjoy




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