☀ RUBYBOX ☀ September 2014

Hi All

This is my 2nd rubybox and i am officially OBSESSED with the Rubybox Beauty FRESH BRUSH CLEANER… think i need a few more bottles. Also in the box is the rubybox beauty Blush Brush, Botanical Collection tropical hand and nail cream and a dove roll-on

Hope you all enjoy



Dove – Invisible Dry Roll-On


  • Brand:   Dove
  • What’s this?   An alcohol free refreshing anti-perspirant no stain roll-on tested on 100 colours.
  • What does it do?    It gently eliminates odour from under arms leaving a refreshingly pure feeling that lasts up to 48 hours.
  • How does it feel?   It is soft, smooth, creamy and helps your under arm skin to recover from shaving, leaving it visibly softer and smoother.
  • Why we ♥ it    It is an anti-perspirant and moisturizer that protects and repairs your under arm skin.


Rubybox Beauty – Fresh In A Flash Brush Cleaner


  • Brand:   Rubybox Beauty
  • What’s this? Yet another amazing beauty innovation that gently cleanses make-up residue from your brushes.
  • What does it do? This rapid action brush cleaner quickly lifts all the make-up residue from your brushes leaving them fresh and clean.
  • How do I use it?
  1. Step 1 Spray three pumps of cleaner over your brush bristles.
  2. Step 2 Gently wipe your brushes on a tissue
  3. Step 3 Allow to air dry before applying make-up again.


Botanical Collection – Tropical Hand & Nail Cream


  • Brand:   Botanical Collection
  • What’s this? Tropical flavoured moisturising hand and nail cream.
  • What does it do? An easily absorbed hand and nail cream that repairs cuticles and protects your skin from damage and dryness.
  • How does it feel? A light feeling, silky and delicately perfumed rich texture that is instantly absorbed into skin.
  • Why we ♥ it It has a deliciously Tropical scent that leaves your hands and nails feeling soft and smooth.

 Rubybox Beauty – Oh So Cheeky Angled Blusher Brush


  • Brand:   Rubybox Beauty
  • What’s this?    A soft easy to clean synthetic blusher brush.
  • What does it do?    Gives you the supermodel look in seconds! It’s perfectly angled tip provides excellent precision to make applying blush a breeze.
  • How does it feel?    Soft smooth and gentle on your skin.
  • Why we ♥ it    Designed by beauty experts with the environment in mind; no animal fibre is used and the synthetic bristles ensure less product wastage.



What did you get in your Rubybox this month?




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