♥ MASCARA MONDAY ♥ ESSENCE Get Big Volume Boost Mascara {Beauty Review}

Hi All

I am so addicted to the GET BIG! Mascara range from Essence

Essence Get Big Volume Boost 1

WHAT THEY SAY:  volume, volume, volume! the get BIG! lashes volume boost mascara offers added density and plenty of fill with each application for a spectacular look. the fibers of the football-like mega brush even reach the tiniest lashes and cover each individual lash without causing them to stick or feel heavy. the easy application ensures a breathtaking look in an INSTANT!

WHAT I SAY:  I am addicted to most Essence mascara. They may be cheap BUT they are good quality and make my eyelashes thick. The new GET BIG! range is no exception. I love this new range. Can’t wait to see what other mascara’s they bring out for this range.

WHERE AND HOW MUCH:  Clicks or Dischem – R 45.00

RATING:  4/5



Whats your go to Mascara for BIG lashes?




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