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Hi Everyone

Season 2 of one of my favourite shows is starting tonight !!!!


“Call It Macaroni”

Internal Affairs grills a stoic Voight on whether he has information on the murder of Sheldon Jin – Voight firmly denies any knowledge. He faces the same kind of criticism back at District 21, with Halstead the chief proponent of making Intelligence the lead on Jin’s case. Just about the only person without an opinion is the new office secretary – Nadia, the ex-junkie Lindsay helped get clean.

To complicate matters, Halstead receives a mysterious package that contains a message from Jin sent before he died. Inside is a thumb drive that, among other things, reveals Jin worked with IA. After some discussion with Lindsay, he takes the drive to Voight who then confronts Stillwell.

He warns Stillwell that Jin recorded every meeting between them and that the thumb drive holds every threat Stillwell made, solidifying his guilt. Unfazed, Stillwell counters with a promise to Voight – exposure. How would his team react if they knew he worked with IA? The men appear to be at a stalemate


What do you think of Chicago PD?



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