10 THINGS…. Shopping Tricks {Thursday Ten}

Hi All

Everyone needs a few shopping tricks every now and again…. i certainly do with the amount of shopping that i do lol




BudgetStick to a Budget

Instead of using your credit card, try PayPal. It’s especially good for auction sites such as eBay. It transfers money from your bank account into your PayPal account, so you’ll only spend what you can afford



RealisticBe Realistic

Don’t buy something just because the picture makes it look enticing. Ask yourself if you’ll really wear the item




ReturnKnow the return and refund policies

Be certain of how to return unwanted merchandise and the number of days you have to get a full refund





Wait for sales

Stores mark down clothes very quickly in order to stay current. Check on full-price items again a week or two after you first see them.




ShippingCheck shipping costs

Order everything at once and opt for ground delivery, the least expensive method.



Shop Around

Shop around

It could be cheaper to go to a different store if you find you’re spending a lot on your groceries. You can save money on your food shopping with simple ideas like checking what you have, making a list and meal planning. It’s also smart to avoid smaller supermarket convenience stores as these can be more expensive.






Never shop when you are rushed for time. This leads to making rash decisions. Instead, set time aside to shop and search for what you truly want, need and can afford from the clearance section





Keep your eye on the calendar

Online retailers tend to offer sales at the beginning of the month (usually around the 2nd), and at the end of the month (around the 27th or 28th). Plan accordingly.





Get Rewarded

Join your favorite retailers’ loyalty programs, and don’t forget to enter your loyalty number each time you shop. You can earn money back on your purchases, plus other great deals.





Thrift Store

Since there’s still a bit of stigma associated with second-hand shopping, there’s not as much competition as there should be for the designer jeans, coats, and vintage leather bags that you can find with only a bit of patience. Keep going back with low expectations and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.




Whats your favourite shopping tip?



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