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Hello Everyone

This new Mystery Legal Drama series airs on the ABC network tonight, its produced by Shonda Rhimes [Greys Anatomy & Scandal]



Network:   ABC Network

Time:    22:00

About:   How to Get Away with Murder follows the personal and professional life of Annalise Keating, a criminal law professor at the fictional Middleton University in Philadelphia (whose fictional campus location is analogous to that of the University of Pennsylvania), one of the most prestigious law schools in America. A criminal defense lawyer, Annalise selects a group of her best students from her university class to work at her firm. They are Connor Walsh, Michaela Pratt, Asher Millstone, Laurel Castillo and Wes Gibbins. In her personal life, Annalise lives with her husband, Sam Keating; but she also has a secret relationship with Nate Lahey, a local Philadelphia detective. As her professional and personal life start to collide, Annalise and her students become unwillingly entwined with a murder plot.

Cast:   Viola Davis, Billy Brown, Alfred Enoch, Jack Falahee, Katie Findlay, Aja Naomi King, Matt McGorry, Karla Souza, Charlie Weber, Liza Weil

How To Get Away With Murder Cast 2

Episode 1:   A defense attorney and Criminal Law professor, Annalise Keating, selects a group of her best students to work at her firm. Annalise’s client is a woman convicted of the attempted murder of her lover with aspirin, to which her lover is highly allergic. Wes finds out that Annalise is cheating on her husband, Sam, while Connor finds interesting ways to help with the case. The body of a student who has been missing for months, Lila Stangard, is found in the water tank of her sorority by a repairman. As Annalise and Sam view the ensuing news report together, Annalise remarks, “I bet you the boyfriend did it.”

Present event: Annalise’s law students, Wes, Connor, Laurel and Michaela all argue about how to get rid of a body that is in Annalise’s house, almost getting caught by police. They later go into the woods and, after flipping a coin, decide that the best thing to do is to burn the body. Later it is revealed that the body is Annalise’s husband, Sam.



Will you be watching this show ?




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