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Scandal [The Fixer] returns tonight with its brand new Season



LAST SEASON:    The bomb goes off in the church, but not before Fitz evacuates the funeral with help from Jake. Sally takes advantage of the situation by helping victims, which helps her reach the top of the polls. Olivia and Cyrus is convinces that Fitz has lost the election. Olivia tells him the secret about Mellie being raped, which cause him to stay with Mellie. Charlie gives Quinn an envelope containing information about Huck’s family, whom Huck later meets. As Fitz gives a speech at a rally, his son Jerry suffers a seizure and later dies of bacterial meningitis, which makes Fitz surge in the polls. Fitz finds out that Jerry was poisoned, and hires Rowan to kill Maya Pope for the murder. Olivia finally takes up on her father’s offer to a new life, and Abby feels betrayed by her decision. Jake asks to come with her, which she agrees upon. Rowan forces Harrison to help him capture Maya, and Harrison figures out that Rowan was behind the deaths of Jerry and Adnan, and is killed by Tom. Fitz wins the presidential election, but breaks down crying. Jake sends David Rosen copies of all the classified B613 files while going on a plane with Olivia.

THIS SEASON:    Afer two months of living on an island off the coast of Zanzibar with Jake, Olivia comes back to Washington D.C. after learning about Harrison’s death. She quickly learns that her former employees have scattered. Quinn still works at OPA, Huck works for an electronics store and Abby is the White House Press Secretary. Olivia tries to make amends while at the same time, helping a Senator with a possible murder. Back at the White House, Fitz and Mellie are still struggling with the loss of their son, Jerry, where Fitz at some point tried to commit suicide. As a result, Fitz tries to make a change in his second term by working on an Equal Pay bill which results in him firing most of his cabinet members. Mellie, not coming to terms with her loss, struggles in her everyday life. David Rosen has tried to find a case that can take down political leaders and B613, but has second thoughts when Fitz nominates him for Attorney General. Everyone from Olivia Pope & Associates attend Harrison’s funeral, leading both Huck and Quinn back to the company with Olivia.

Scandal - Season 4 - Cast 1


What are you looking forward to the most with the new season?



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