Hawaii Five 0

Hi Everyone

Hawaii Five 0 returns tonight for the premiere of Season 5


“Aʻohe Kahi e Peʻe Ai / Nowhere to Hide”

ABOUT:   Five-0 investigate the deaths of two tourists who were hiking on the mountains, and find that the culprit is an unmanned aerial vehicle fitted with automatic weapons. The drone was stolen from a military contractor. After the drone attacks a beach crowd, the streets of Honolulu are evacuated in anticipation of further attacks. After identifying the thief as Jonathan Redmond, a former employee at the military contractor, Jerry Ortega has a plan to hack into the drone. As Five-0 lure the drone, they learn that Redmond was using the attacks as a diversion to ensure the escape of Lawrence Turner, who is wanted for espionage by the Central Intelligence Agency. Jerry hacks the drone and prevents Turner’s plane from taking off, while Turner and Redmond are arrested. In the meantime, Danny Williams and Steve McGarrett attend a mandatory psychological evaluation. Adam Noshimuri proposes to Kono . Danny learns from Marco Reyesthat his brother Matt has been captured, and Danny has to pay back the money Matt had borrowed from his captors.


Hope you all enjoy




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