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Hi Everyone

The CW network’s Horror Fantasy Drama returns tonight for its Second Season



LAST SEASON:    Hayley successfully gives birth, but is killed by the witches right after, with Klaus witnessing them getting his baby. Davina has brought back Mikael and uses him as her secret weapon, locked in the same place she was. As Elijah and Klaus try to find the witches, Hayley returns — now needing blood from her daughter to survive and transitioning into a hybrid. Marcel comes just in time when Monique is on her way to kill the baby and kills Monique. Meanwhile Hayley kills Genevieve even if the latter try to apologize for her actions. After his daughter is saved by Marcel, Klaus saves his life and the two reconcile their friendship. Klaus later comes with the idea of proclaiming his daughter dead, in order to save her, while giving her to someone who can care about her — his sister, Rebekah. He tells her to go away and to find a witch to perform a cloaking spell to protect them. In the end, we see the fourth harvest girl putting a rose on Esther’s grave and a boy with her who calls her mother. They quietly walk away from the cemetery.

NEW SEASON:   Esther (in Cassie’s body) — the mother of Klaus and Elijah is revealed to be the witch that has returned in the season one finale, alongside their two brothers — Finn (in Griffith’s body) and Kol (in Kaleb’s body). Klaus, in search of the White Oak Stake, prepares for a battle with the werewolves in order to get the moonlight rings from them. Not knowing that the Stake is in his father — Mikael’s possession — Klaus is able to get the moonlight rings when Elijah and Marcel kill the werewolves while Hayley brutally kills Francesca. Both Finn and Kol use Davina and Camille to know what their brothers are up to, while Esther plans ahead

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Hope you all enjoy



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