Hi All

My next friday favourites include red cappuccino, songs and spooky times

Red Cappuccino

Red Cappuccino

I am so addicted to Red Cappuccino’s lately. I’m not a coffee drinker but i do love my rooibos tea, so when i found out the Woolworths had come out with a Red Cappuccino i couldn’t wait to try it. A Red Cappuccino is the rooibos tea ground into powder and the cappuccino is made the same way coffee is. Cappuccino without the Caffeine.


Essence Blush Up

Essence Blush Up

I love this Essence blush. I have been using it for ages now. I one on the left is the light pink to a darker pink ombre and the one on the right is an orange to bright pink ombre. I previously did a review on this. View it HERE


Painting – “Blue Horses” by Franz Marc

Blue Horses - Franz Marc

This is my favourite painting of all time. I was first introduced to this painter and this painting in High School when i majored in Art.




I love this time of the year. A lot of clubs, bars or restaurants have Halloween parties for the night and i love getting dressed up. This year im going as a Dark Angel


Song – “Chandelier” by Sia






Whats your favourite five for the month?



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