TV: THE BLACKLIST – SEASON 2 {Mid Season Finale}

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Last night the Mid Season finale of The Blacklist aired…. Tom ?? Red ??? Secret ???  WHAT ?!?!?!?!



In just a few minutes, we flash through everything that transpired between Liz and Tom in the last four months, since the day she shot him… and saved his life. When Red disappears, Liz calls in favors to get him on the ship under The Samoan’s watch where she arranges for emergency medical care. What follows is a series of interrogations on Berlin. Along the way, Tom gives intel on Monarch Douglas Bank, but not much else – certainly nothing on Red. In the end, the couple fall to bickering about the adoption and their marriage – did Tom ever love Liz? When Liz scoffs, Tom begs her to let him go, though he believes she has no intention of doing so. All he can ask now is that she look him in the eyes when she kills him.

We pick up Red and Berlin in the industrial garage where we left them, with Berlin still in shock at the revelation his daughter is alive. Zoe has told Red that Berlin’s real name is Milos Kirchoff, but what Red wants to know is who set them against each other. Berlin recalls the Kursk bombing in 1991, which eliminated the Russian resistance faction he was part of, and Reddington was deemed responsible for exposing Zoe as a dissident. After that, Berlin’s loyalty was questioned and he was exiled to the gulag. Red asks Zoe who helped her go underground. Zoe never met the man; all she knows is he’s called The Decembrist. Red hands Berlin a phone, with a warning that he may call to ask for his help soon.

The Samoan is just warning Liz that Tom can’t leave the ship alive, when the Harbormaster shows up. Liz confronts him with her gun and badge, claiming there’s an escaped fugitive. She’s locked the boat down. Satisfied, the Harbormaster moves off just as Liz’s phone rings, summoning her to a meeting with Red, who’s presiding over a Brimley interrogation. Liz is furious to learn he’s working with Berlin, especially when Red claims Berlin is merely The Decembrist’s pawn. Liz swallows her bile and takes the intel to the FBI. Aram discovers a sample of the Kursk bomber’s DNA in the FBI’s database, identifying Kiryl Morozov, now one of the most powerful men in Russia. Meanwhile, the Harbormaster has returned to Liz’s ship and somehow opened the door to Tom’s cell.

Reven Wright checks in with the Post Office team for an update on Kiryl Morozov, the man ultimately responsible for killing Meera and crippling Cooper. In no uncertain terms, Wright tells the team to stand down; they’re not going to Russia. Liz can’t believe Cooper’s willing to accept Wright’s order, but he knows The Decembrist’s identity will get to Red somehow. Liz is just phoning Red with The Decembrist’s real name when The Samoan calls. She rushes to the ship to discover the Harbormaster bloodied and bound, his phone ringing. When Liz and The Samoan start arguing about what to do next, Tom snaps into action, using his ankle chain to strangle The Harbormaster, then advising Liz to call Mr. Kaplan.

Red flies Berlin to Moscow on a mission to find Kiryl Morozov. Urging Berlin to bypass his emotions, Red lays out his plan to intercept Morozov during a diamond transaction – it’s gonna happen fast. Berlin assures Red his people will be ready, and in fact, they slaughter all Morozov’s men in a heartbeat. When Berlin corners Morozov, he names Alan Fitch as The Decembrist, just before Berlin puts a bullet in his cheek. As soon as his flight lands, Red summons Fitch to report Morozov’s death, while Wright reads the Post Office team the riot act for compromising Fitch – he’s the Assistant Director of National Intelligence! Liz tells Wright that Red called, concerned for Fitch’s life, but Wright claims the matter is out of their jurisdiction.

Red confronts Fitch for pitting Berlin against him. Apparently Fitch was Zoe’s savior, hiring The Stewmaker to fake her death, in violation of his original agreement with Red. Fitch argues that Red stole precious intel when he disappeared, and the dog he sent after Red chewed through his leash. When Red warns Berlin is coming for Fitch, Fitch claims Red has no friends left; they both have an interest in eliminating Berlin. Fitch is pulled from the meeting by a SWAT team, who usher him and his assistant into an SUV… where moments later, Fitch’s assistant is shot dead – who has no friends now?

The Post Office team is scrambling to locate Fitch when Red walks in, demanding to speak to Liz. He’s disappointed she didn’t tell him Tom was alive – and that she still loves him. Liz insists she’s been using Tom as a source. Now that Berlin has gone to ground, Red wants Liz to find out all Tom knows about Berlin’s safe houses, so they can find Alan Fitch.

Tom is only interested in waxing his gain, the Harbormaster’s corpse. He’ll give Liz Berlin, but only if she’ll let him go. Cut to: Tom makes a pay phone call, as Liz and Ressler watch from a car. When Berlin calls back, Tom makes a case – he knows everything the FBI knows. Tom gives Liz an address, so she removes his tracking bracelet, but not before Ressler promises, “I’m coming for you.” A TAC team sweats the address, where they find Fitch rigged up with a sophisticated pipe bomb around his neck. All the teams the FBI have to bear transport Fitch to the Post Office cell where Red was first interred.

Cooper expects Wright to be angry, but she’s pleased and still demanding the name of the task force’s anonymous source. Furious, Ressler outs Red, who’s arranged for Berlin and Zoe to meet. After Berlin says goodbye to his daughter, Red hands her re-identification papers, and she’s back in the wind. Red turns his attention to Berlin, demanding to know how to diffuse the bomb around Fitch’s neck. Berlin has no idea, so Red makes his way to his former Post Office cell – but only after taking out most of the electricity. The old friends have a last few moments, laden with names and numbers, before Fitch meets his maker.

Red shares memories and a bottle of vodka with Berlin before coldly pumping four bullets into his heart. Finding Liz cleaning up Tom’s cell, Red remarks upon his disgust at the filth of it all. Liz admits she didn’t tell him about Tom because she thought she was finally in control – what’s wrong with her? Red assures Liz there’s nothing wrong with her; love means never being in control. Red puts Liz into a car, then meets Tom at a diner to slide a bulky envelope of cash across the table. Tom is never, ever to see Liz again. Arching his eyebrow, Tom hits the road, but not before making sure Red knows that, even after four months on the ship, he never told Liz about their relationship


*** SEASON 2 EPISODE 9 RETURNS ON THE 1ST FEBRUARY – now airing on a Sunday ***


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What do you think is going on between Tom and Red?







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