TV: Greys Anatomy – Season 11 {Mid Season Finale}

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Hi All

Grey’s Anatomy is a great show but i feel after 11 years its just dragging by now, but it doesn’t stop me from watching it every week lol



Meredith sides with Maggie over Derek on how to treat a patient, Holly, who has infection affecting both her heart and brain. A short time later, a representative for the President of the United States pops in to chat with Derek to have another discussion about leading the brain mapping initiative. That’ll have to wait. Derek is too busy arguing with Meredith about Holly’s patient’s treatment at the moment. Derek tells the president’s rep that he’s still not interested in taking the job. This is shortly before Holly starts to crash. Derek demands that he be allowed to operate. It’s not about a feud with Meredith. It’s what needs to happen to save the patient. Maggie makes the call to operate after Meredith lectures her hubby about pulling rank. They save the patient from organ failure, but she could have brain damage. Derek examines her. Thankfully, she’s going to be okay.

While doing April’s ultrasound, Stephanie inadvertently reveals the sex of her baby. She notices a problem. She goes to Arizona who goes to Dr. Herman. They all believe that the baby may have a birth defect that shows signs that the child has fragile bones. If the infant survives birth, the child will likely not live very long. There’s nothing anyone can do. Jackson overhears Stephanie talking about the situation. He wants to know the full story.

Callie pushes Jordan, one of the veterans in her program, a little too hard in her quest to get him walking. He ends up smashing his head on the ground. Callie feels like she destroys everything she touches. Owen is ticked at her for her handling of the vets. Jordan’s best friend, Rick, doesn’t want to move forward with his treatment until his buddy comes out of his coma.

Arizona learns that Dr. Herman is divorced and has no real family. She pushes for information on her mentor’s tumor. This gets her kicked off a surgery. Arizona uses deceptive tactics to get hold of Herman’s medical records. She’s busted by Amelia, who says one of the symptoms of this particular tumor is fatigue. In appropriate sexual behavior is also a tumor symptom. Arizona catches a glimpse of that in an on-call ROOM when she sees her mentor straddling Graham. It’s not because of the tumor though. Dr. Herman just wants to hop on a lot of young guys before she dies. Arizona supports this initiative.

Callie and Arizona take a moment to pretend like everything is okay between them. They talk about their problems. This helps. Arizona asks Callie if she misses her. She does. Arizona knows that’s not enough though. As for Callie, she learns that Jordan is awake, but non-responsive. She gets an unexpected pep talk from Owen that inspires her to try again with Rick. So she does. He tries, too.

Amelia gives Owen the background on her past drug addiction. She knows she’s a risk. Owen lets her know that they are all a risk in some way or another. They bond about how people need other people. Amelia’s around if he needs her. Later, she lays out all of Dr. Herman’s medical charts. She shuts down a rambling Arizona by telling her she thinks she can save Herman’s life.

In random updates, a health-drinking, stair-walking Bailey lectures Richard as to how he needs to stop obsessing over Maggie, who actually asks to pick his brain regarding his medical knowledge. Alex lets Jo know that his house will remain an open one for anyone who needs to be there. He assures her that his being in bed with Meredith is not the same as his being in bed with her. Jo needs some convincing on that one.

Meredith doesn’t think Derek trusts her. They get into another shouting match. Derek says he gave up everything for her. This has Meredith questioning his definition of “everything.” Derek lets her know that they offered him the job again. Meredith says he should take it. So he does. Meredith watches as he walks away. She has flashbacks of various people and turning points in her life. In a voiceover, we hear Meredith say, “The carousel never stops turning. You can’t get off.

*** The 2nd Half of Greys Anatomy Season 11 Returns 29 January 2015 ***


Do you think its over for good for Meredith and Derek?



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