☀ RUBYBOX ☀ November 2014

Hi Everyone

I am not impressed with my November Rubybox. First i received it so late in the month, and second of all, the presentation was shocking. When i opened the box all the saw was 4 tiny products and NO raffia [straw]. Its like no-one gave a sh*t when packaging it. I am so tempted to cancel my subscription.







BRAND:   Rubybox Beauty

FULL SIZE:   R 74.95

WHAT THEY SAY:   A Pastel Coral nail enamel. It brightens up your day every day, is chip resistant and adds a glamorous coat and nourishing care to your nails. It glides flawlessly with the unique precision brush for professional results within minutes. It lasts up to 10 days-if base and top coat is applied, is chip resistant and has a lovely nourishing feel that helps your nails to stay stronger for longer

WHAT I SAY:   I love this colour, its perfect for Summertime.





BRAND:   Natural Lab

FULL SIZE:   R 199.99

WHAT THEY SAY:   Natural Lab is rich in antioxidants, all of which are certified organic; it’s also tinted to suit most skin types and can be used under make up. Safe for kids and sensitive skin. Natural Lab helps protect against hyperpigmentation caused by the sun. It contains organic ingredients like Sunflower seed oil, Olive oil, Aloe Vera, Rosemary and Green Rooibos. An antioxidant-rich, daily face cream with SPF 30.

WHAT I SAY:  I received the Sample Size. This face cream is Fresh, vibrant and clean. I love this face cream. It both covers and protects my skin from blemishes.





BRAND:   Rubybox Beauty

FULL SIZE:   R 129.99

WHAT THEY SAY:   A deliciously creamy red lip pencil enriched with vitamin E for a more smoochable and juicy effect. It’s thick, sharpenable, glides smoothly on the lips and leaves a lasting moist feel

WHAT I SAY:  It glides on perfectly, is well pigmented and is long lasting too. It’s the perfect red, i apply a little bit and it covers very well without drying out my lips.





BRAND:   Emanuel Ungaro

FULL SIZE:   R 849.99

WHAT THEY SAY:   An Oriental to Floral Eau de Toilette. A magnificent scent with a blend of currants, red berries and candied apples in the opening boosted with a wonderful bouquet of flowers including violet, rose and peony in the sensual heart. The elegant dry down slowly takes over with a touch of stylish sophistication leaving a delicate trail with a soft blend of vanilla, orris and musk. What does it smell like? Top notes of blackcurrant, red apple, red berry fruit; middle notes of peony, rose, violet and base notes of musk, orris, vanilla.

WHAT I SAY:  It’s a wonderful fragrance that can brighten up anyone’s day. It tends lingers all day, its soft and not overwhelming. I love this fragrance

Emanuel Ungaro


What did you get in your Rubybox this month?  




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