TV: Pretty Little Liars – Season 5 {Christmas Episode Recap}

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Pretty Little Liars aired the Christmas Episode from Season 5 Last Night

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As Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria do Christmas shopping, they receive a snow globe from ‘A’, saying “A takes a holiday, you should too.” They then receive a letter and a map showing the inside of Ali’s house, given to them by Mona.

It flashes to Ali being visited by The Ghost of Christmas Past (Mona). The liars then arrive at the Dilaurentis’ ice ball, where Ali makes a grand entrance, along with four unknown girls in masks. It is later revealed the four masked girls are Cindy, Mindy, Jenna, and Sydney, who have only joined Ali in hopes of finding proof that Ali is ‘A’ and that she murdered Mona.

As Hanna and Spencer leave the ice ball to find evidence, Aria spots Ali kissing a man in a Santa suit, who she believes is Officer Holbrook. Ali also receives a secret visit from CeCe. As Hanna and Spencer look around Ali’s house, Hanna finds another of Ali’s fake passports for if she needs to leave town quickly along with a letter that Bethany wrote to Ali, proving Ali lured Bethany to Rosewood the weekend she was killed.

Spencer also finds out that Ali was communicating with someone through the newspaper’s personal ads. Toby, who has been keeping lookout for Spencer and Hanna from a window, gets a call from Caleb who says Ali left the party early. ‘A’ then shows up at Ali’s house with a knife, looking for the girls.

Hanna is then knocked out by ‘A’. Meanwhile, Ali is visited by the last two ghosts- the ghost of the present, and the ghost of the future, but Ali soon wakes up from the nightmare. As the liars celebrate Christmas, Ali is seen looking at them, alone, through a window.

As Ali walks away, the group walks outside, and a message in Christmas lights, lights up on Spencer’s barn; “Merry Christmas Bitches. -A.”





What did you think of the Christmas Episode ?



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