TV: CHICAGO PD – SEASON 2 {Mid Season Finale}

Hi Everyone

I love this show, maybe its because i have loved Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill days or that the Brady boy is all grown up and is so hot… but the real reason is that its a brilliant show, with all great actors and awesome story lines. I even prefer it to Chicago Fire.

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Lindsay rushes into her apartment to find Nadia with a heroin addict named Elisha overdosing in the bathroom. She tips off Intelligence to an underground heroin lab based in a club, which leads the team to an exciting (and dangerous) recon mission that ends in a major score: 20 kilos of the deadly heroin brand Passion.

Despite blowback from Commander Fischer regarding the legitimacy of Elisha’s intel, Voight pushes the investigation forward. Phone taps and security footage lead them to the club manager who caves during an interview and agrees to set up a meeting with his mysterious contact, Blue. Intelligence snatches Blue up at the meeting without much trouble, but he refuses talk. Voight insists they wait for news to reach the streets, certain that will drum up information, even though Atwater explains the phone taps hit radio silence the second they tossed Blue into custody.

Meanwhile, Lindsay meets with special agent David Lang who makes the hard sell for her to join the task force Kot offered her earlier. She mulls it over and decides to take the position and leave Intelligence. In a bittersweet moment later, Lindsay fights back tears and announces to Voight and the whole unit that she will no longer be on the team. They issue their support, albeit with heavy hearts.

With the case flatlined, Olinsky heads home, excited that his wife Meredith recently allowed him to move out of the garage and back into the house. But instead of open arms, he’s greeted by two armed goons… and a terrified Meredith taped to a chair. The goons want their 20 kilos back and threaten to kill Meredith unless Olinsky cooperates. Escorted to District 21 by one of the goons, Olinsky retrieves the drugs in a duffel bag – but also brings back a gun and surprises his captor with a shot to the head. He brings Voight back to the house and they arrest the other criminal. Meredith, shocked and shaken, hugs her husband.

Turns out the two goons are the infamous Gary Brothers from Gary, Indiana and in addition to an interest in Passion heroin, they share one other thing with Blue: a judge named Lachlan who hears every one of their cases. Olinsky’s name and address appeared on paperwork Lachlan definitely saw, which explains how the Gary Brothers located him. Voight drags Lachlan into interrogation, but the judge denies any involvement with or knowledge of the heroin ring. And Intelligence discovers he’s telling the truth; the branch clerk forged a series of documents that misdirected the judge’s orders. Sure enough, the clerk attempts to flee when Intelligence arrives for questioning. After a quick crash in a parking garage lands the clerk in cuffs, Lindsay confirms his guilt upon finding a box of court files and bags filled with thousands of dollars in the man’s backseat. Looks like they found their kingpin.

Meanwhile, Roman and Burgess find themselves working “psycho squad” duty for Platt with strict orders to interview on all “whackos” associated with threats against the Bulgarian president set to arrive in Chicago in two days. Platt hooks them up with a K-9 unit officer from another district named Jen Cassidy… who just so happens to be Roman’s ex-partner (and former lover). Jen and Roman squabble throughout the day and annoy Burgess with contentious details about their past, culminating with all-out argument in front of the final interviewee’s apartment. Frustrated by their quarrel, Burgess heads up alone, rings the doorbell and – a shotgun blast sends her to the ground! Roman and Cassidy rush to her aid and call the shooting in over the radio.

But Burgess doesn’t move… and the red stain on her vest appears to grow…

*** Chicago PD Season 2 returns on the 7th January 2015 for the second half  ***


Do you think that is the end of Burgess? I hope not, she has grown one me



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