TV: STALKER – SEASON 1 {Mid Season Finale}

Hi Everyone

The Mid Season Finale of Stalker Season 1 aired last night

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ABOUT:    Stella, the ex-wife of professional hockey player Tom Wade is stalked in her home. Suspicion falls on Tom, but he appears to have a solid alibi. The TAU team finds that Stella has written a tell-all book that has yet to be published, and they start investigating people who were shown in a negative light in the book. But when a few of these people wind up missing, they learn the publisher has been leaking drafts of the book to create a pre-release “buzz”.

The team finds that the missing people have disappeared in order of the book’s chapters. When the next victim that disappears is out of order, Ben deduces that the real suspect has an earlier draft of the book, leading the team via a ghostwriter back to Tom. Elsewhere, Beth finally asks Janice to help her, and reveals the issues with Perry. Beth says Perry is very intelligent, and has not left behind clues that can get him arrested.

So Janice provokes Perry until he explodes, after which he is arrested for attacking an officer. Ethan approaches Jack in the street, and Jack then goes to Amanda with suspicions that Ethan knows who he is. Amanda remembers the conversation with Trent, and realizes that Ethan must have overheard. She later lets Jack come over and spend some time with Ethan.

*** The 2nd half of Stalker Season 1 returns January 2015 ***


What did you think of the Mid Season Finale?





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