TV: REIGN – SEASON 2 {Mid Season Finale}

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Hi Everyone

The Season 2 Mid Season Finale of Reign aired last night



In the aftermath of an attack on the castle, a blood-thirsty Francis makes a startling decision that will forever change his rule as the King of France, causing him to track the missing Narcisse with a newfound lust for revenge.

In the search for Mary’s attackers, numerous Protestants, including Castleroy, are imprisoned. Francis has a dozen Protestants publicly hanged, throws Narcisse into the dungeon, and finally confesses to Mary that Narcisse has been blackmailing him over his regicide

Mary and Louis follow a lead to her attackers, eventually finding them and burning them to death. Mary remains shaken from recent events and asks Francis that they be husband and wife in name only.

Meanwhile, Mary is stunned to discover the truth behind Francis’ recent decisions and embarks on a treacherous mission of her own with Lord Condé.

Castleroy is released due to Leith’s petitioning, and Greer tells him to leave court without her so he won’t be suspected of wrongdoing. Leith urgently pleads with Greer to flee the country after violence erupts across the land.

Catherine receives an unexpected and erotic visit in her chambers after making a final decision regarding the fate of her daughter Claude. In addition to seeing her dead daughters, Catherine starts seeing Henry’s ghost, who advises her to kill Claude to appease Henriette and Emone.

Louis receives a visit from his brother Antoine, King of Navarre, who reminds Louis not to sympathize with Mary because they have their own agenda. Mary receives Louis’ delayed letter where he confesses his love for her.


*** Reign returns for the 2nd half of Season 2 on 22 January 2015 ***


What did you think of the Mid Season Finale?



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