TV: WHITE COLLAR – SEASON 5 {Season Finale}

Hi Al

The Season 5 Finale of White Collar aired last night



Peter and Neal find Mozzie, who has been injected with something. Rebecca then tells them she has poisoned him and will trade the antidote for the diamond. Interpreting Mozzie’s symbols as geographical coordinates leads them to Fort Totten in Queens, where Mozzie is able to guide them near the diamond’s location before collapsing.

Mozzie is hospitalized and successfully treated for belladonna poisoning after Jones and Diana determine where Rebecca got her poison. Peter and Neal find the diamond and call Rebecca, who has been following them and immediately takes them prisoner at gunpoint. She locks them in a cell and prepares to leave by helicopter, but they escape and Neal reveals that he switched the diamond with a similar-sized piece of brick before giving it to her.

He convinces her to surrender rather than SHOOT him. Peter asks the FBI for Neal’s release and believes they will agree; Neal tells Mozzie he plans to go straight. But the FBI director refuses to sign off – perhaps, Peter speculates, because Neal is so useful to them. Disillusioned, Peter tells Elizabeth he wants to stay in his current position closer to field work; she agrees but wants to keep the job in DC. A bitter Neal asks Mozzie to circumvent the new anklet.

After Mozzie leaves, Neal recognizes and confronts a man who has been following him. He is then grabbed from behind and thrown in a van, without his anklet.

*** White Collar has been renewed for a Sixth and Final Season ***


Will you miss it and did you like how they ended the show?





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