TV: WHITE COLLAR – SEASON 6 {Season Finale}

Hi Al

Its a very sad day today as the very last episode of White Collar aired last night. It has always been one of my favourite TV Shows



With the pneumatic tube up and running, Woodford and the Pink Panthers put the final pieces into place to execute their master plan. Little do they realize that with Peter among them, the FBI is one step closer to taking them down – and Neal is one step closer to finally getting the freedom he’s fought so hard to earn. The FBI arrest everyone at the end

Meanwhile, Neal and Keller loop Mozzie in on their own ingenious plan: while the Panthers are busy pulling the heist of the century and the FBI is getting into position for the bust of their careers, Mozzie will surreptitiously tap into the pneumatic tube and siphon off 30 million dollars.  Sure, it’s not half a billion, but it’s enough of a nest egg to start their new lives off on the right foot.

That is, if everything goes according to plan.  Mozzie has his doubts about the wisdom of their alliances, though, and Elizabeth wants assurances on Peter’s safety.  Neal seems confident that everything is under control, but can he really be making promises?  With a heist of this magnitude there will be no room for slip-ups, and double-crossing the Panthers could have dire consequences for Neal and everyone he holds dear.  One thing is for sure: with Peter and the murderous Woodford looking over his shoulder, and Keller pursuing his own shady agenda, Neal will have his hands full.  And though he may be optimistic about the outcome, the truth is that Neal has been so focused on his sunny future that he may not realize his new beginning has become an unhappy ending until it’s too late…

Neal and Keller sneak away from Peter and meet Mozzie in the tunnel, where Keller betrays their arrangement and apparently shoots Neal in a struggle. Peter arrives, kills the fleeing Keller, and finds Neal being taken away in an ambulance. Later, at the hospital, he and Mozzie view what appears to be Neal’s lifeless body. Some time later, after Peter and El’s son Neal is born, a mysterious delivery of a bottle of fine wine inspires Peter to search out a storage container, which contains the evidence that Neal faked his death. The series ends with Neal Caffrey in Paris, seeking out some new adventure.



White Collar Collage


Will you miss it and did you like how they ended the show?





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