☀ RUBYBOX ☀ December 2014

Hi Everyone

This month i kinda liked the Rubybox if i’m completely happy, but i did get a voucher from them. Its a R100 voucher off any purchase over R500





BRAND:   Rubybox Beauty

FULL SIZE:   R 59.99

WHAT THEY SAY:   Its a 100% waterproof beauty bag which means it’s easy to wipe off any spills or stains. This cutesy bag of beauty secrets is exactly what you need to store all your cosmetics on-the- go.

WHAT I SAY:   Good quality materials, perfect size, easy to wash and clever transparency means you don’t need to empty the bag out each time you look for an item.





BRAND:   Moya

FULL SIZE:   125g – R 168.95

WHAT THEY SAY:   A hand and heel therapy cream. The Jojoba, Zinziba, Patchouli and Lavender essential oil blend provides instant relief of chapped or dry hands, heels ,knees and elbows. It’s a must-have, multipurpose cream ( for both men and women), that soothes your hands, heels, knees and even elbows! Zinziba is considered to be “probably Africa’s most under rated fragrant medical plant” this strong natural emollient (skin softener), has a pleasant, fruity and sweet scent with a peppery top note, perfect for both men and women.

WHAT I SAY:   Although I don’t really like the strong, slightly medicinal smell of this cream, it did a really good job on my dry heels. it leaves it soft and non-greasy so my foot doesn’t slid inside my sandal as I walk.




BRAND:   Mavala

FULL SIZE:   R 24.95

WHAT THEY SAY:   Mini emery nail filing boards. These abrasive and flexible nail boards will ensure that you have perfectly smooth and flawlessly shaped nail edges. They come in a handbag friendly travel pack of 6; are only 7,5 cm long and work great for fragile nails because you can alternate between the rough side (yellow) and the finer side (white) for a perfect finish. They are disposable meaning you can only reuse them to a certain extent then dispose of them, which is more sanitary than metal nail filers.

WHAT I SAY:  this is the perfect sized emery boards especially if u have a space conscious bag. perfect size when travelling as well especially since there’s so many restrictions on what you can take in your carry on. Neat and easy to store away in my cosmetic bag. Convenient to keep them in my handbag for those emergencies when a nail gets hooked on clothing….




BRAND:   Rubybox Beauty

FULL SIZE:   R 95.95

WHAT THEY SAY:    This romantically scented candle melts into a warm sumptuous oil that, soothes, moisturises and relaxes your skin. It can be used as a candle, body balm, massage oil and moisturiser, plus it has a low melting point so you don’t need to worry about burning your skin! Made from100% soy and environmentally friendly essential oils that have amazing healing and skin rejuvenating properties

WHAT I SAY:  I didnt know about the moisturisor of the candle until i read other reviews. I love the smell of the candle, especially since its Vanilla. It moisturises my skin without leaving it greasy





BRAND:   Salvatore Ferragamo edt

FULL SIZE:   50ml – R 849.95

WHAT THEY SAY:   An Eau de Toilette with key notes of a floral bouquet lied on a warm, elegant, woody base. A romantically fresh, smooth and fruity scent that carries an air of feminine positivity that cheers you up instantly. Top notes of Attimo offer fruity aromas of nashi pear and delicate lotus flower. A incorporates a floral blend of gardenia, peony and frangipani, while a base features a trail of musk, cedar and patchouli. It’s an everyday scent that stays on for long time and has a fresh, a bit citrus-like smell, a scent of happiness and joy!

WHAT I SAY:   I honestly wasn’t very sure of these perfumes but It is so soft and smells so feminine. It is subtle not over powering and not so sweet.




What did you get in your Rubybox this month?




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