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Hi Everyone

Reign returns tonight with the second half of Season 2



The bodies of the recently-executed Protestants bear the marks of the dark riders, so Cardinal Perazzo (Bruce Ramsay) concludes that Protestants have this mark to declare their extremism. He orders Louis’ arrest since he has the mark, so Mary helps Louis escape to Antoine’s estate. Antoine tells Louis their agenda is best served if Louis seduces Mary, but Louis refuses. When the Cardinal’s men arrive to arrest Louis, Mary and Leith have the mark burned away. Francis and Bash work together to undermine Cardinal Perazzo by putting the mark on his lover, forcing the Cardinal to recant his stance on the mark’s meaning. Kenna investigates her suspicion that Catherine is poisoning Claude, and learns that Claude and Bash were once lovers. Claude confronts Catherine, who confesses to the poisoning because she believes that Claude killed Henriette and Emone, but Claude claims that she didn’t do it. At first Mary remains distant from Francis despite his efforts to offer comfort; by the end of the episode Mary vows to reconcile with him, but backs away when she walks in on a domestic scene between Francis, Lola and their baby.


Is it wrong that i like Mary with Conde better than Francis?



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