TV: Suits – Season 4 Returns {Promo}


Hi Everyone

Suits returns tonight for the 2nd half of Season 4



⇒ Last Episode    Jessica promises Louis that he will become a named partner. Louis meets Mike at his home with the news, and says he will make it his mission to force Mike into leaving the firm. He first buries Mike in paralegal work. Mike insists he won’t give up, but he later needs Rachel’s help to meet Louis’ deadline. Louis acts like a king, offending everybody. He confronts Rachel, knowing she helped Mike, and says she is nothing more than a paralegal and she can’t keep him from breaking Mike. Rachel insists that despite Louis’ threats, she will become a lawyer, to which Louis agrees — she’ll become a lawyer in the same mold as Harvey, Jessica and her father. Robert Zane meets with Harvey and suspects Louis has something on Pearson Specter. He tries to use his “favor” with Harvey to find out what it is, but Harvey says there is no favor in play because Zane ultimately never hired Louis. Jeff Malone knows that Louis has something on Pearson Specter, because he had firsthand knowledge of Louis’ crime regarding Charles Forstman. Jessica tells Jeff a story about covering up Daniel Hardman’s embezzlement, and says Louis used this to come back to the firm as named partner. Jessica later calls Louis into her office and says he must sign a statement saying that he knows about Mike being a fraud. Louis objects, but realizes Jessica is right. He not only continued to work at the firm while knowing Mike’s secret, he became named partner while having that knowledge, and he reluctantly signs. Rachel gets Katrina Bennett a job at her father’s law firm.

⇒ Info   Jessica promises Louis that he’ll become a named partner. Since Louis wants Mike to leave the firm, he buries him in paralegal work so that he will resign. But Mike won’t give up and is helped by Rachel. Meanwhile, Louis acts like a king offending everybody, eventually also putting pressure on Rachel to get Mike to break. Robert Zane as well as Jeff Malone suspect that Louis has something on Pearson Specter. Jessica tells Jeff that the secret Louis used for blackmail was her role in covering up Daniel Hardman’s embezzlement. Finally, Jessica gets Louis to accept the situation and stop exaggerating more by having him sign that he knows about Mike being a fraud. Rachel gets Katrina a job at her father’s law firm.



I am so happy Suits is back, its one of my favourite tv shows !



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