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Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic,  is a European country in South Eastern, bordered by Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey and is situated in the Mediterranean Sea. Greece has many islands, including Crete, Corfu and Santorini. Athens is the nations capital and biggest city.

Greece Map


Eighty percent of Greece is mountainous, of which Mount Olympus is the highest peak at 2,917 m.

Greece - Mount Olympus


Greece has a very rich cultural history and many of its ancient ruins have been preserved, such as The Acropolis, it is an ancient Citadel located on a high rocky outcrop above the city of Athens and contains the remains of several ancient buildings of great architectural and historic significance, the most famous being the Parthenon, a temple dedicated to the greek goddess Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. Greece houses the relics of the bygone era in the form of Ancient Kamiros, the Parthenon and Acropolis of Athens, Delphi, Ancient Agora of Classical Athens, Temple of Hephaestus, Bassae, Arch of Galerius and Rotunda, Theatre of Dionysus, Pnyx, etc. The pristine island of Elafonisi, Ionian Islands, and Myrtos Beach are picture-perfect destinations with the touch of adventure. Metéora is one of the many unique destinations in Greece. Climb up the mountain to reach this UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back to the 11th century. Do not miss to visit the White Tower of Thessaloniki, Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus on your Greece tours.

Greece - Acropolis

Greece - Parthenon


The Greek flag was adopted on December 22, 1978. It has nine horizontal stripes of alternating blue and white with five blue and four white stripes. In the upper left is a white cross with a blue background. It is sometimes referred to as “I Galanolefki” or the “Blue and White”. The cross represents Eastern Orthodox Christianity. The nine stripes are said to represent the nine Muses from Greek Mythology or the number of syllables in the Greek motto. The blue and white colors represent the Greek sea, sky, and clouds.

Greece -  Flag

The first Olympic Games were held around 700BC. Once the Olympics began, the Olympic competition was held once every four years for the next 1000 years! The games were held in honor of the mighty god, Zeus, king of all the gods. The games were held in the city-state of Olympia.

Greece - Olympics

Popular food from Greece is: Moussaka: Baked minced meat and spices with an egg and cheese topping, Dolmades: Stuffed vine leaves with rice and spices, Baklava: Thin pastry layers with nuts and syrup,  & Tzatziki: Dip made from yogurt, cucumber and garlic

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADolmades 1Greece - Baklava Greece - Tzatziki

The Monarchy of Greece [Hellenes] ruled from 1815 until 1973, when a republic was established and the monarchy was abolished following a public referendum in 1973, held by the then-ruling military regime. The last King of the Hellenes [Greece] was Constantine II. His son [Crown Prince Pavlos] still carries the title but is not recognised by the Hellenic republic. The current Prime Minister is Alexis Tsipras.

Grrece - Family 1

Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With over sixty inhabited islands, historic sites that span four millennia, idyllic beaches and towering mountain ranges there is a wide variety of tourist attractions in Greece to explore. And despite the debt crisis with credit downgrades and protest by day, Greece as a travel destination is as popular as it has ever been

Greece - Islands


Have you ever been to Greece?





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