💗CALA MAKEUP BRUSHES 💗{Product Review}

Hi Everyone

These are my favourite makeup brushes found locally [South Africa]


I have been using these Cala Brushes for as long as i came remember. Yesterday was my cleaning day for my brushes and i realized i haven’t done a post on these brushes.  Cala are the only South African [bought locally from dishcem] that i will buys. They are affordable [in comparison to Sigma/Mac/Real Techniques] without being cheap and without the bad quality that follows after using them for a couple weeks. I have never had to replace a single brush, i use, clean and repeat and i still have the same good quality brush i used when i first bought them. The bristles are extremely soft, even after a lot of washes [i use Baby Shampoo and rubybox fresh in a flash brush cleaner] they are still as good as new. These brushes are synthetic and cruelty free. Synthetic brushes work well with cream products unlike brushes made from natural hair, which are better for using powder make up. All the brushes are solidly attached to the ferrule, making them less likely to shed, which is the most important thing when buying brushes these days, no shedding!!!


CALA Deluxe Powder Brush – No. 301 – R99.95

I use this brush for applying my face powder. It is so soft and one of my favourites. Its a full, round and dense cut for applying loose or pressed powder onto the face.



CALA Powder Brush – No. 307 – R 59.99

Because this brush is a little smaller than the Deluxe Powder brush, i use it for my bronzer.



CALA Blush Brush – No, 502 – R49.99

I only use this to apply powder blushes, its not suitable for cream blushes. It works best for highlighting and shading natural cheek bone features



CALA Foundation Brush – No. 503 – R59.99

Before i found out about the Beauty Blender, i was always using my foundation brush. I use it with Mousse or Liquid foundations, even my BB Creams. I still use it today, now i just use the beauty blender after to give my face a photo finish look. They are the perfect dream team. This brush doesn’t absorb a lot of product which is a bonus



CALA Concealer Brush – No. 513 – R49.99

I use this brush for the smaller areas, such as my nose, eyes area and lip area. Its a little bit stiffer that the foundation brush, i use it with Mousse and Liquid Foundations as well as my Bb Creams and if course my concealer. As well as the foundation brush, it also works well with my beauty blender. This brush doesn’t absorb a lot of product which is a bonus.


CALA Large Shadow Brush – No. 310 – R29.99

I love love love this brush so much. I used it for under my skin with eyeshadow as well as in the V area of the lid. This brush applies colour so well.



CALA Shading Brush – No. 312 – R39.99

This brush is super soft and i use to to blend my eyeshadow, whether applying the base overall colour or shading in the V outer contour lid area. This brush is amazing.



CALA Angled Shadow Brush – Np. 314 – R29.99

This is a new addition to my ever growing brush collection. Its the perfect angled brush for adding shadow to the crease contour of the lids



I use either Purity Elizabeth Anne or Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo to clean my brushes along with the Rubybox Fresh In A Flash brush cleaner. My brushes get super clean as well as they last long without any damage.




Have you tried the CALA brushes ? If so, let me know what you think



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