Hi Everyone

I am the happiest girl in the world since i got my makeup organizer from 27Pinkx. I am OCD so the fact that even my makeup is now organized makes me feel so much more comfortable, I can actually look at all my makeup and not cringe lol

27Pinkx is company based in Johannesburg that sells Makeup Organizers, Makeup, Beauty Tools [brushes, the popular Beauty Blender etc], Skincare, Hand & Feet Products and Fragrances.



Brush Holder

27Pinkx - Brush Holder - R380

R380.00 – This beautiful brush holder can hold up to 16 brushes


Lipstick Stand

27Pinkx - Lipstick Stand - R390

R390.00 –ย The Lipstick stand can hold upto 24 Lipsticks


Mini Organzier

27Pinkx - Mini Organzier - R1200


R1200.00 –ย This beauty is perfect for those who have limited storage space. This organizer is ideal for jewelery, makeup and cosmetics. It has 3 drawers and the top draw has a flip lid at the top.


Luxury Organiser

27Pinkx - Luxury Organzier - R1800


R 1800.00 –ย Our cosmetic organizer is made from 4mm thick Perspex and weighs approximately 6kgs. Perspex looks like glass but is seventeen times stronger. The organizer has 5 drawers and a flip lid at the top, so you can access the products you use daily easily. The last draw is larger than the rest of the drawers and allows for storage of bulkier products. Besides being convenient the organizer makes any space look posh


The Platinum

27Pinkx - The Platinum - R1680


R1680.00 –ย The shell is made from 4mm thick mirror Perspex.ย The draws are made from 4mm thick transparent perspex


Black Diamond

27Pinkx - Black Diamond - R2000


R2000.00 –ย The black diamond organiser has the same functionality as the wildly popular luxury organiser, but the shell is made from black Perspex complemented by crystal clear drawers which still allows you to see your makeup. This top of the line LTD edition organiser is made exclusively for 27Pinkx




IMG_0303 IMG_0306






How do you organize your makeup?



3 thoughts on “๐Ÿ’— MAKEUP ORGANIZER ๐Ÿ’— 27Pinkx

  1. I also have an acrylic organizer, its slightly smaller than the 27pinkx but also has 4 drawers and flip top lid.

    I absolutely love it! There’s just something about being able to see your makeup at all times! ๐Ÿ˜„

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