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Hi Everyone

The Season 1 Double Finale of How To Get Away With Murder aired last night


“The Night Lila Died & It’s All My Fault”

Annalise forces the Keating Four to put Rebecca through a show trial, presenting their evidence to try and convince her that Rebecca killed Lila. Rebecca is uncooperative, but ultimately manages to convince Wes that she was not responsible, though she did come across Lila’s body and hid with it in the water tank for fear she would be accused. At the conclusion of the arguments, Annalise does not find their statements believable, and goes to release Rebecca from the basement only to report back that she has already been set free by someone.

Michaela gets drunk at a bar, where Laurel reveals that she had Michaela’s ring all along. Connor returns home to find Oliver crying, as his HIV test came back positive. Wes stays behind, and Annalise reassures him that they have to believe Sam killed Lila, as it’s the only theory that makes sense. Once he leaves, Annalise meets Frank in the basement and they talk about what to do with Rebecca, who is revealed to be dead under the basement stairs. Both deny the murder, saying they each suspected the other, implying one of the Keating Four was responsible for Rebecca’s death

Flashback  The night Lila died she went to Annalise’s house to confess the affair, but was turned away by Bonnie. She is then met by Sam on the rooftop of the sorority, who affirms his love for her. Sam says he’s going to tell Annalise he wants a divorce, and that Lila should wait for him. Once he leaves, Sam phones Frank and leverages an unknown piece of blackmail to get Frank to come and murder Lila, who then hides the body in the water tank. Rebecca later discovers the body, and hides in the water tank with it when some other sorority sisters pass by.

*** How To Get Away With Murder has been renewed for a 2nd Season returning 24 September 2015 ***



What did you think of the0 Double Season Finale?



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