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March - Rtn - The Following

  • Channel:   FOX
  • Returning Date:   02 March @ 2100
  • Last Season:  Season 2 – Episode 15 – “Forgive”  –  The shot fired was aimed at Preston, which kills him. Ryan calls Claire, but Luke answers her phone and instructs Ryan to bring Joe, alive, to him or Claire will die. Ryan informs Joe of Luke’s threat and helps Joe escape the church. With Joe in the back seat and Mike and Max following behind, Ryan drives to the address given by Luke while the FBI shut the lights inside the church and proceed to shoot and kill all of Joe’s followers inside. Along the way, one of Joe’s followers, Tim, crashes into Ryan’s car, flipping it with Ryan and Joe inside, injuring both men. Joe thanks and then shoots Tim and puts Ryan into Tim’s car and continues the drive. Outside the house, Ryan and Joe find letters inviting them inside for dinner. Once inside, they find Claire right before one of the twins drops a smoke bomb, putting Ryan, Joe, and Claire to sleep. They wake up at a table where Mark and Luke interrogate Ryan and Joe, threatening to kill Claire if they don’t cooperate. Mike and Max show up and Mike shoots at Luke through a window while Joe cuts himself free. After everyone splits, Mike finds Mark and tells him that he killed Lily, not Ryan. Luke knocks Mike down but Max shoots Luke dead. Mark picks up Luke’s body and runs off while a confrontation between Joe and Claire leads to Ryan putting Joe at gunpoint as Joe begs Ryan to kill him. Ryan, however, chooses not to shoot Joe and has Mike call Agent Clarke to have Joe arrested. Ryan suggests to Claire that he pack a bag and move to Claire’s home with her and Joey but Claire tells him that they need to move on separately so she can give her son a normal life. Mike admits to Max that he would have killed Joe before the two share a kiss. That night, Ryan has a nightmare where he finds Luke’s dead body lying in bed next to him, and Mark standing over him telling him he’s a dead man. Mark, carrying Luke’s body, is picked up by a truck with an unknown driver.
  • New Season:   Season 3 – Episode 1 – “New Blood”  –  With Joe Carroll awaiting execution on death row and all signs of his following erased, Ryan Hardy has moved on from the dark events of his past. But his newfound happiness is shattered when a series of brutally staged tableaus threatens to tear open old wounds. Ryan and his team are forced to unravel a twisted web of violence before it destroys them all – leading them to face a terrifying truth: Joe Carroll was just the beginning.



March - Rtn - Motive

  • Channel:   CTV
  • Returning Date:   08 March @ 2200
  • Last Season:   Season 2 – Episode 13 – “For You I Die”  –  Prosecutor Samantha Turner is the murder victim. All the evidence points to Cross, who was also in a relationship with her. Refusing to believe he could be a murderer, Angie supports him but not everyone, including Vega, agrees with her. Bloom considers suspending Cross. An old case from Angie and Cross’s past also resurfaces, which may force them to reveal the secret they have hidden all this time.
  • New Season:   Season 3 – Episode 1 – “



March - Rtn - Bates Motel

  • Channel:   A & E
  • Returning Date:    09 March @ 2100
  • Last Season:   Season 2 – Episode 10 – “The Immutable Truth”  –  At Nick Ford’s house, Romero finds him dead and one of his henchmen emptying the safe. He convinces the man to reveal Norman’s location. At the hospital, a weak Norman tells his mother about his “dream” of killing Blair Watson. She tells him to rest and not think about it. Romero insists on giving Norman a polygraph test. At home, Norman prepares a list of things he checks off after completing – packing up his taxidermy hobby, telling Emma about Norma’s rape and Dylan’s paternity, and dancing with his mother. Meanwhile, he takes a gun and bullets from his mother’s drawer. In the aftermath of Nick Ford’s death, Jodi – convinced by sheriff Romero – invites her brother Zane to her house to talk about the future of their business. They have an argument and Zane kills her. Romero comes in and shoots Zane to death. Romero gives Dylan a free pass and tells him how the story’s going to be. Norma finds Norman wandering in the woods with a gun and she is able to talk him out of killing himself. Wanting to flee the country with her sons, she ultimately allows the polygraph, wherein Norman is asked if he killed Blair Watson. His mother’s persona emerges again and he answers “no”. Norman passed the polygraph with a knowing smile to himself.
  • New Season:   Season 3 – Episode 1 – “A Death in the Family”  –  Norman and Emma make decisions regarding their future; Norma informs Norman of his boundaries.



March - Rtn - Remedy

  • Channel:   Global
  • Returning Date:   23 March @ 2100
  • Last Season:    Season 1 – Episode 10 – “Quit The Horizon”  –  Sandy struggles to say goodbye to Brian as her reconfigured family rally around to support her.
  • New Season:   Season 2 – Episode 1 – “



March - Rtn - Young & Hungry

  • Channel:   ABC Family
  • Returning Date:    25 March @ 2000
  • Last Season:   Season 1 – Episode 1 – “Young & Thirsty [and getting married]  –  Josh and Caroline’s wedding is pushed further ahead than planned, and everyone freaks out for different reasons. Caroline forgets Josh’s birthday, and Gabi decides to let Caroline take credit for her special gift for Josh- a replica of his childhood blanket. Josh is very moved by this gift, and is sure that Caroline is who he wants to marry. Eventually, Elliot breaks down and reveals to Josh that Gabi is the one who made the blanket, and that Caroline forgot his birthday. When Josh confronts Caroline, they both realize that they are having doubts about their relationship, and decide to call the wedding off. After some advice from Yolanda, Josh decides to go see Gabi and confess his feelings. By the time Josh makes it to Gabi’s apartment, Cooper who is back from China has already won Gabi over with his own sentimental gift, leaving Josh out in the rain alone.
  • New Season:   Season 2 – Episode 1 – “Young & Too Late”  –  Gabi is freaking out about why Josh called the wedding off and searches for a sign if she should be with him or Cooper, but it’s Sofia who makes a surprising discovery. Meanwhile, Elliot has a big date with the wedding florist and ends up bringing a forlorn Josh along.



March - Rtn - Finding Carter

  • Channel:   MTV
  • Returning Date:   31 March @ 2200
  • Last Season:   Season 1 – Episode 1 – “One Hour Photo”  –  When Elizabeth sees Carter with the number from her old apartment, she lets Carter know that it’s actually a postal code and they trace it to a photo center in a neighborhood that Elizabeth and David used to live in. There, Carter picks up photos of her parents from three years before she was kidnapped, leading the family to believe that Lori had been their stalker for quite some time. Lori shows up at the Wilson home under the guise of a therapist while Carter is alone and is upset that Carter believes “their side of the story,” although Lori won’t exactly tell her the truth. She tells Carter to get it from David and gives her a photo of him that she supposedly took. It is suspected that Lori and David have a history, contrary to what he has told Elizabeth and Carter. Meanwhile, Max has woken up and finds it hard to come to terms with his current state of being. He breaks up with Taylor to not interfere with her life. When Carter finds out that Elizabeth had made plans to see her therapist, she tells Elizabeth about Lori. They arrive at the meeting location and Elizabeth tells Carter to wait in a nearby cafe while her squad attempts to capture Lori. However, Lori sends a drugged drink out to Carter and carries her out the back when she begins to black out. Shortly after, Elizabeth runs into the cafe, but the waiter tells her that Carter had left “with her mother” and Lori had already driven off, leaving Elizabeth in tears.
  • New Season:   Season 2 – Episode 1 – “Love The Way You Lie”  –


I cant wait for Young & Hungry… what are you looking forward to watching?




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